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5 Weight Loss Tips for Men


Updated February 15, 2014

Men have different challenges when it comes to losing weight. These weight loss tips are tailored just for guys. You can use them whether you have five pounds to lose or 50 pounds to lose. Start today and get moving on the path to a leaner you.

1. Weight Loss Tips for Men (video)

This short video gives you the basic low-down on losing weight. Take a few minutes to view it and see how many of the tips you can incorporate into your day-to-day routine.

2. Get Better Advice

Bobby Holland Hanton
Bobby Holland Hanton
Use my Man's Guide to Weight Loss as your starting point for burning fat and building muscle. I assembled a panel of men - all experts in the fields of fitness and weight loss - to provide the best tips and advice for guys who want to slim down, get rid of their gut and get healthy.

3. Know Your Health Limitations

Burke:Triolo Productions/Getty Images
This is code for “go to the doctor,” a phrase dreaded by scores of men. But, the bottom line is that a check-up with your primary care doctor could be the most important first step to losing weight. If you have high blood pressure, diabetes, or any other medical condition, your weight loss strategy may be affected. It will also be important for you to know if weight loss will affect your health. Some studies have found that men who lose weight enjoy sexual benefits. This might be a great motivator!

4. Learn to Cook

Yep, that’s right, get into the kitchen and take charge. One study that examined barriers to healthy eating in men, found that guys don’t like the taste or the small portions of diet food. We probably didn’t need a study to establish that, did we? So what’s the fix? Learn to cook. You can still eat the foods that you love, you just need to learn how to prepare them with less fat. Use these resources to get started.

5. Understand Serving Size

Malia Frey
If I didn’t convince you about the need to cook, then the next best thing is to learn how to eat less when you eat restaurant or prepared food. To do this, you must understand the difference between serving size and portion size. When you eat out or dine on packaged food, be sure that you only eat what you are supposed to. Most dieters make portion size mistakes that ruin their chances at weight loss.

6. Create a Balanced Workout Program

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'fess up, guys: when is the last time you took a yoga class? Or completed 20 minutes of relaxation exercises and stretching? For many men, a workout happens only in the weight room. Strength training is great, but if you want to lose weight, you should also include high intensity interval training, recovery day workouts and long moderate endurance sessions. And yes, maybe even some yoga.

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