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How to Burn More Fat

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Who has time to spend hours at the gym? Learn how to burn more fat with the best calorie-blasting workouts. Then learn how to tweak your whole exercise program to get more results in less time.

More Fat-Blasting Tips:
Weight Loss Spotlight10

Does Garcinia Cambogia Work for Weight Loss?

Before you buy garcinia cambogia, check this list of three critical facts you must know about the diet supplement.

How to Motivate Yourself to Lose Weight

Get motivated to lose weight with a few easy tricks. Find weight loss success by learning the same motivational tips used by trainers and coaches.

Why Correct Portions Can Be a Dieting Disaster

Can't lose weight? You might be eating the right amount of food and still not seeing progress. Find out what researchers say is the problem.

The Best Booze for Dieters

Find out how to navigate the bar and the best alcohol options when you are trying to lose weight.

The Best Workouts to Lose Fat

Some workouts help you lose fat better than others. Use these effective workouts to burn more calories and slim down.

How to Use NuVal to Buy Healthier Food

Healthy grocery shopping is easy - even without a list - if you use NuVal scores at your store to make better food choices.

How to Plan Meals to Lose Weight

Learn how to plan meals to make weight loss easier and more effective. Use these tips and templates to schedule healthy meals.

17 Reasons That Your Diet's Not Working

If you can't lose weight, check this list to find out why your diet is failing you. Simple changes may be all you need.

3 Reasons Guys Can't Lose Weight

Men face unique challenges when they try to lose weight. Get specific tips designed just for guys who want to get lean and get fit.

Research Reveals Cooking Trend That Could Ruin Your Diet

Researchers found a disturbing trend in cookbooks that could spell trouble for dieters. Check your recipes for this weight loss downer.

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