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South Beach Diet Q&A: Meal Replacement Bars and Mini Meals


Updated February 15, 2014


I work retail and don't always get a lunch break. Are there any meal replacement bars I can use on SBD? It would be so much easier to diet if I could.

- Mandy


Hi Mandy,

When you're busy -- whether you're following a diet or not -- it can be all too easy to skip meals. But despite what many people think, doing without a meal will not actually help you lose weight; it can actually do the opposite.

Meal replacement bars are a great alternative to sitting down to a meal, but there are only certain bars that fit into The South Beach Diet plan.

Now that the Kraft South Beach Diet Product Line includes meal replacement bars, you will want to keep some on-hand. They come in several different flavors such as chocolate crisp and peanut butter. The bars are free of trans fat and contain protein, fiber and vitamins.

However, the following meal replacement bars are off-limits on The South Beach Diet:


    • Power Bars
    • Cliff Bars
    • Tiger's Milk
    • Atkins
    • Slim-Fast

Another alternative is to eat mini meals using the foods on your Foods to Enjoy list. You could pack them in a cooler ahead of time and have them on hand to munch on when you get a chance. You should also include the recommended snacks during your day.

The snack foods that Dr. Agatston recommends -- like low-fat cheese, raw veggies, or nuts -- are great for a small cooler or lunch box. A turkey roll-up is also an easy and quick mini meal to pack.

Whatever you do, don't skip meals. Snacking keeps your blood sugar from dropping too low because you've gone too long without eating.

Plummeting blood sugar can lead to powerful cravings for all the wrong foods. A snack will keep your energy going strong. Plus, skipping meals could cause you to gain weight in the end by stalling your metabolism.

Thanks for your question, Mandy. Good luck with your dieting efforts. You can do it!


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