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South Beach Diet Packaged Foods


Updated February 15, 2014

Kraft is making it easier than ever to follow one the most popular weight loss plans, The South Beach Diet.

Kraft Foods is expanding its alliance with The South Beach Diet by launching a new line of South Beach Diet products. The options include breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacking.

Kraft says a recent study found that overweight and obese adults who followed the principles of The South Beach Diet lost more weight and body fat compared to dieters who adopted a low-fat, portion-controlled plan.

"The new research reinforces what I've been witnessing in my practice for years -- my patients are able to enjoy a variety of foods without counting calories or feeling deprived," says Dr. Arthur Agatston, author of The South Beach Diet.

"My goal is to help change the way America eats and these great-tasting, nutrient-rich products from Kraft are convenient, making it easier for people to follow The South Beach Diet -- whether for a healthy lifestyle or weight loss," he adds.


New South Beach Diet Product Line-Up

"Kraft's alliance with The South Beach Diet -- including both our 'South Beach Diet Recommended' products and the new product line -- gives consumers many choices to manage their weight as well as eat right for a healthy lifestyle," said Howard Brandeisky, vice president of South Beach Diet Foods, Kraft.

The new product line comes less than one year after Kraft began marketing many of its existing products that fit within the diet under a "South Beach Diet Recommended" banner.

The new South Beach Diet products include cereal, meal replacement and cereal bars, refrigerated sandwich wraps, frozen entrees and frozen pizzas.

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