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What is the Best Diet for You?

Help to Choose the Best Diet


Updated February 15, 2014

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The best diet for you will help you make doable changes that lead to a one- to two-pound weight loss each week.

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The Best Diet for You

With all of the diets available, it can be overwhelming to choose the best one for you. By finding out if you're willing to make the main changes required by these diets, your decision may become a little easier.

Is Atkins the Best Diet for You?

The Atkins Diet may be the best diet for you if you ...






  • Are willing to eliminate or drastically reduce carbohydrates and sugar, including specific foods such as grains, fruit and many dairy products
  • Are willing to count the number of carbs you consume
  • Enjoy eating meat, eggs and butter
  • Are not a vegetarian
  • Are willing to test yourself or be tested for ketosis.

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Is The Schwarzbein Diet the Best Diet for You?

The Schwarzbein Diet may be the best diet for you if you ...






  • Don't want to count calories
  • Are willing to eliminate processed or refined foods from your diet
  • Are willing to eliminate salt, sugar, caffeine and artificial sweeteners from your diet
  • Enjoy eating whole foods (rather than convenience foods) and have the time to cook
  • Want the option to follow this plan as a vegetarian (if willing to consume eggs, cottage cheese, peanut butter and tofu).

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Is Volumetrics the Best Diet for You?

The Volumetrics diet may be the best diet for you if you ...






  • Want a diet that does not ban any foods
  • Enjoy eating a variety of foods and want to enjoy occassional treats
  • Are willing to stay in your calorie allotment and keep a food diary
  • Are willing to build meals around low-energy density foods, such as fruits and vegetables, broth-based soup, low-fat meats and salads
  • Do not need a lot of structure in your diet plan.


Is the Zone the Best Diet for You?

The Zone diet may be the best diet for you if you ...





  • Want to build a diet around healthful foods, such as lean protein like chicken and fish, fresh produce, oatmeal, and healthy fat (e.g., olive oil)
  • Are willing to plan and create meals based on an exact ration of ingredients, in certain combinations
  • Are willing to limit meals to 500 calories and snacks to 100 calories
  • Are willing to limit many common foods in your diet, such as pasta.

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