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35 Fast Food Choices for 500 Calories or Less

Calorie-Smart Fast Food Snacks and Meals


Updated February 15, 2014


From salads to sandwiches, calorie-smart fast food isn't so hard to find.

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Fast food every now and again doesn't have to spell diet disaster. It's all about fitting it in to your calorie budget. Whether you want a snack or a meal, we've got suggestions. Check out these 35 choices for 500-calorie or less fast food.



Burger King



More: Arby's Quick Guide





Tip: Stick with 6-inch subs to keep portions in check. Hold the oil and mayo!



Taco Bell

Tip: You can order regular menu items "Fresco Style" and save a lot of calories and get some extra veggies too (salsa is substituted for cheese and sauce).




Tip: Avoid "crispy" recipe chicken as it is higher in fat. The Snacker sandwich line is good for portion control. There are some healthy vegetable sides here too.


If your favorite eatery is not included or you want to learn the calorie content of other foods, including many other fast foods, be sure to check out About.com's Calorie Count.


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