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Quick Weight Loss Tips

Need some quick tips to boost your weight loss plan?  Use these guides, tips and lists to make simple changes and reach your goal weight.
  1. Calories in Foods (97)
  2. Common Weight Loss Mistakes (21)
  3. Tips for Parties, Social Occasions (22)
  4. Weight Loss Dos and Don'ts (16)

3 Best Tips for Losing Weight
Weight loss doesn't have to be complicated. Every weight loss program boils down to three essential strategies.

10 Things to Stop Doing if You Want to Lose Weight
Do you want to lose weight? Start by changing these simple things in your daily life. It's quick and easy and you'll get results without going on a diet.

Quick Weight Loss Tips for Men
A leading Hollywood stuntman reveals how he slims down or bulks up fast for his roles (hint:  ladies, you can use these tips, too!)

5 Ways to Burn Calories without Exercise
If you don't have the time or energy to complete a full workout, use these simple tips to burn more calories without breaking a sweat.

3 Steps to Reduce Your Sugar Intake
Reducing your sugar intake is one of the quickest ways to clean up your diet and lose weight. Learn how to do it in 3 simple steps.

Stop Making These Portion Size Mistakes
Common portion size mistakes are the reason that many dieters don't lose weight. Find out which serving size blunders you might be making and learn how to fix them

Top Six Diet-Boosting Foods
Need to jump start your weight loss program? Diet expert and author Elisa Zied recommends these 6 foods to boost your diet and help you feel younger.

Healthy Breakfast Dos and Don’ts
Your breakfast sets the tone for your eating habits throughout the day. Start your morning off right with these easy tips and blunders to avoid.

Cooking Tips to Cut Fat and Cut Calories
The best way to control your eating is to cook your food yourself. Learn how to prepare delicious meals without the added fat and calories.

7 Drinks that Can Ruin Your Diet
Sometimes it's not what you eat that matters, but what you drink that will make or break your diet. Find out which drinks make a big impact when it comes to getting results on the scale

Stop Drinking Soda - Lose Weight, Save Money
It's the easiest way to shed pounds without going on a diet. Find out how much weight you can lose in a year if you skip the soda.

10 Tips to Get Flat Abs
Want to get a flat belly? You can improve the look of your midsection if you do the things on this list.

The Top 50 Foods for Fat Fighters
Keep your pantry stocked with the healthful staples that will keep you on track.

8 Easy Ways to Lose Weight
Don't let another year go by without making these easy changes that will help you lose weight and be more healthy!

10 Ways to Appear Thinner and More Confident
If you feel good about yourself, it is easier to make the difficult choices that will help you lose weight. Learn how to feel more confident instantly.

Easy Ways to Lose Weight: What You Eat
Don't say "diet" ... just say yes to these healthier habits that will last for a lifetime of weight management.

Healthy Eating & Diet
See a list of all of the Weight Loss tools and tips you need to lose weight

Weight Loss Excuses ... Busted!
Don't let these weight loss excuses stand between you and your goal weight! Try to overcome them using this simple advice.

How to Make a Healthy Breakfast to Lose Weight
Start your day the right way. Make a healthy breakfast that will keep you full and satisfied so that you make good food choices all day long.

20 Holiday Season Calorie-Cutting Tips
From appetizers to dessert, and everything in between, these calorie-cutting holiday food swaps could help you keep those extra pounds at bay.

What it Takes to Lose Weight
To lose weight and keep it off you will need to change four aspects of your life.

Today's Tip: Pick the Right Scale
Forget the bells and whistles! Check out this practical advice on choosing scales.

Quick Guide: Calories in Desserts
Calories in desserts can add up quickly during the season. Keep them in check with this list of the number of calories in desserts.

Identify Your Eating Habits with a Food Diary
Keeping a food diary can help you lose weight. Learn about the questions your food diary can help you answer about your eating habits.

Quick Weight Loss Methods: Pros and Cons
Losing weight fast can work if you chose the right type of program.

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