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Quick Guide: Indian Restaurants

Healthy Choices at Indian Restaurants


Updated February 15, 2014


Healthy choices at Indian restaurants include tikka, vindaloo and rice.

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Check out our dining out "Quick Guides" for the best and worst dishes at many different types of restaurants. This guide will help you make healthy choices at Indian restaurants.


  • tandoori chicken or fish
  • steamed rice
  • raita sauce
  • lentil soup
  • naan bread
  • lassi
  • chicken tikka
  • chicken vindaloo
  • curried vegetables


  • fried dishes
  • dishes with "crispy" in the name
  • coconut soup or dishes with coconut sauces
  • masala
  • chutney
  • ghee
  • pakora
  • korma
  • samosas
  • poori bread

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