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Fast Food Quick Guide: Atlanta Bread Company

What Are The Most Healthy Fast Food Choices at Atlanta Bread Company?


Updated February 15, 2014

woman eating salad

A garden salad is a smart choice at nearly any restaurant, including Atlanta Bread Company.

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Atlanta Bread Company is a bakery and cafe that offers bread, pastries and desserts as well as fresh sandwiches, salads, and soups, among which there are a number of calorie-smart choices. Here is a look at some healthy fast food choices at Atlanta Bread Company.

Calorie-Smart Choices:

  • House salad - 35 calories
  • Chicken house salad - 115 calories
  • Greek salad - 120 calories
  • Fruit salad - 130 calories
  • French salad - 140 calories
  • French onion soup - 60 calories
  • Garden vegetable soup - 80 calories
  • Black beans and rice soup - 110 calories
  • Chicken noodle soup - 110 calories
  • Szechuan hot and sour soup - 80 calories

Higher-Calorie Choices:

  • Chopstix salad - 470 calories
  • Bella basil chicken sandwich - 780 calories
  • Turkey club panini - 780 calories
  • Cuban pork loin panini - 740 calories
  • Chicken pesto panini - 740 calories
  • Cordon Bleu panini - 590 calories

To browse or search the nutritional information for many other fast food, restaurant foods, and grocery store items, please visit About.com's Calorie Count.

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