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How Many Calories in Wine (Red or White)?


Updated July 17, 2013

Question: How Many Calories in Wine (Red or White)?

The number of calories in wine depends on the type of wine you choose and the serving size. According to CalorieCount.com, white wine calories are lowest in dry varieties and higher as the sweetness increases. A single serving of dry white wine (120 grams or 5 ounces) contains 79 calories. There are 113 calories in white wine that is sweet and a glass of medium white wine contains about 89 calories.

Red wine calories are often higher. A single serving of red wine is 6 ounces and contains approximately 150 calories. It’s also important to remember that red wine is often served in a larger glass than white wine and it’s easy to drink a portion that contains more calories.

Looking for a lower calorie option? Unfortunately, you’ll have a hard time trying to find a low calorie wine. Your best bet is to drink the wine you like, but less often and only in moderation. Measure your wine in a measuring cup once or twice to make sure that you are really only drinking a single serving. And remember that the drink you choose could affect your food choices and the success of your diet.

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