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Just because you go on a diet doesn't mean that you have to give up eating delicious, satisfying food.  Learn how to cook healthy meals, order better food in restaurants and prepare meals that will keep your weight loss plan on track. 
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Cooking Tips to Cut Fat and Cut Calories
No time to slave away in the kitchen? Use these quick and easy tips to make healthier meals in less time.

Set Up Your Kitchen for Weight Loss
Make these 5 easy changes in the kitchen to boost your chances of weight loss success.

Lean Protein - Essential for Weight Loss
Protein is an important nutrient for dieters. Find out why eating protein at each meal is important and how much you should eat if you want to lose weight.

Common Portion Size Mistakes
When you prepare a meal, make sure you don't make one of these common diet mistakes. It's easy to eat too much of certain foods.

5 Ways to Make Water Taste Better
What's the easiest way to cut calories? Ditch the high calorie beverages and drink water instead. Make it taste better with these tips.

Should I Quit Drinking to Lose Weight?
Many people quit drinking to lose weight. But is it really an effective strategy? Find out if you should reduce your alcohol intake or quit altogether to make your weight loss plan more effective.

How to Grocery Shop for Better Health
Use my tips to make grocery shopping easier and more healthy.

The True Cost of Drinking Soda
Do you grab a Big Gulp everyday? Maybe you have a diet soda with your lunch. Have you ever thought about the cost of your habit in dollars and pounds? Get the answers and then decide what you want to drink during the day.

3 Easy Ways to Make Vegetables Taste Better
You'd eat more veggies if they tasted better, right? Learn how to make vegetables taste better without adding fat and calories.

7 Drinks That Can Ruin Your Diet
You might eat diet-friendly foods, but if you drink one of these drinks you could be making your diet more difficult. Check this list of beverages that you should avoid if you are trying to lose weight.

How Many Calories Should Come from Snacks?
Snacking is an important part of a healthy eating plan. But do you know how many calories you should allow for snacks? Check the answer to make sure you are snacking the right way.

Weight Loss Smoothie Dos and Don'ts
Smoothies are quick and easy. But if you are not careful, they can also contribute to weight gain.

Protein: How Much Should You Eat to Lose Weight?
Healthy lean protein is the foundation of a good diet. Find out how much you need to lose weight.

5 Healthy Snacks for the Super Bowl
Use these healthy snack ideas for your Super Bowl party or at any time when you need a better food idea.

Eat Fatty Fish to Stay Lean and Healthy
Include fish like salmon or tuna in your diet to get healthy fats and lean protein.

Peanut Butter for Weight Loss: Myth or Magic?
Should you include peanut butter in your weight loss plan? Consider the facts before you decide.

How to Choose Lean Protein
Lean protein may help you feel fuller longer than other foods. Here is some advice on choosing good sources of lean protein.

Carb Counters and Calculators
If you are counting carbs, use this list of resources to make sure that you are eating the best foods for your diet.

Peanut Butter Packs a Punch: How Eating PB May Help You Lose Weight
Did you know eating peanut butter may actually help you lose weight? Read on to learn how!

DASH Diet: Lower Your Blood Pressure and Lose Weight
Lower your sodium intake to improve your health. Learn the basics of the DASH diet.

How to Spot Misleading Fat-Free Labels
Not every fat-free food is free from fat. Learn how to spot the hidden fat in your food.

15 Ways to Add Flavor to Healthy Foods
Check out these ways to add flavor to lighter fare without upping the fat and calories.

Quick Guide: Alcoholic Drinks
Alcoholic drinks can up the calories of any meal without your even realizing. This guide will help you understand the caloric content of alcoholic drinks.

Water and Weight Loss
Water really is a very important part of weight loss and general good health.

Healthy Fat: Omega-3
Omega-3 is a healthy fat known for its benefits in preventing heart disease and more.

Fat is Not Always the Enemy!
Don't think of fat as the enemy! It's actually essential and can be beneficial to your weight loss efforts.

Increase Omega-3 Fatty Acids in Your Diet with Fish
Here's how to get more omega-3 fat in your diet.

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