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Low-Carb Snacks

Reward Yourself!
These tiny treats will motivate you in a big way.

One of the most important things you can do as you lose weight is to mark goal achievement with rewards. By celebrating your successes -- even the small ones -- you are making it official: You're really doing it this time! In addition to the reward of having lost the weight, a special treat will help you stay motivated and focused.

But for those of us who have at times rewarded ourselves with food, it may be difficult to steer away from that old habit. As an alternative, we need to find ways to reward ourselves in a manner that doesn't involve eating. Check out some of the great ideas members of our community and some other "losers" have shared.

  • Spoil Me, Please!
    "I am trying to get small reward ideas when I lose ... like buying a scarf, having a nail job, new hair style, going to see an old high school friend, going to a spa, getting a massage ... I know about the best rewards would be to be able to climb stairs without huffing, being healthier etc. ... but I need rewards to spoil myself ... I don't seem to get enough of that sometimes and these rewards will help." - Community Member SAMANTH10019

  • 10 Toes of Success
    "I used to work across the street from a nails service salon and I would see women getting pedicures. I thought I was being so practical by dismissing them. I'd say, 'What a waste of money! Who would pay attention to my toes, anyway?'"

    "Well, after I reached my first goal of a size down in dress size, I decided I wanted to give myself a treat. And guess what was convenient to do on my lunch break? I loved getting my pedicure. Now I've got 10 reminders of my success! Even if no one else appreciates my hot pink nails, I do ... now that I can see my toes! LOL!" - Karen, 22, child care provider

  • Movies & Make-Up, Bras & Bingo
    "Going to the movies or renting a movie that you've been wanting to see. Going to a cosmetics counter and asking for a makeover. Going to buy a new bra! That's important, as your weight changes, so does your bust size ... Going to play bingo!" - Community Member PLMAYO
  • Get into the Kitchen
    "What about a new cookbook or cooking utensils? A vegetable/rice steamer would be good ... something in the spirit of your new healthier lifestyle. Some nice cookware. What about a yogurt/smoothie/ice cream maker?"

    "...Maybe some new workout clothes ... something a little more revealing than you ever would have considered before. Some of those new sneakers that have those cool supports for the ankle ... Sexy lingerie! " - Community Member MOONWOMON1

  • The Magic of Music
    "I am a true music lover. I wish I could have been a violinist or pianist, but I just didn't have the talent. As much as I love it, I never take the time to listen to really good music anymore; it just plays in the background, like at work or in the stores."

    "When I really want to relax and reward myself, I get out a jazz or new age CD and I light some candles. I really take the time to listen and appreciate the music instead of letting it pass me by. It's a great way to spend a Sunday evening." - Julia, administrative assistant

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