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Low-Carb Snacks

Snacking Solutions

Yes, it's true! You can work healthy snacks into any diet! Even if you are following a low-fat eating plan, you can -- and should -- work snacks into your day. Not only will they help you feel satiated and therefore less likely to give in to cravings, they will also help keep your energy up.

If you are finding that you feel hunger pangs on a continuous basis during your low-fat diet, you may not be eating enough. If you know you are under your calorie and fat quota, don't cheat! Eating too little on a low-fat diet will make you feel weak and faint and may even prevent you from losing weight! If you are meeting your minimum requirements and feel like having a quick bite between meals, choosing fiber-rich foods may make you feel fuller for a longer period of time.

  • Some fiber-friendly choices:
    • Bran muffins
    • Oatmeal
    • Many breakfast cereals (check the label to be sure your favorite is fiber-rich)
    • Whole wheat toast
    • Most fruits (But be sure to eat the skin of your apple, where the most fiber is!)
    • Dried fruits aren't the best choice for satiety -- the more water a fruit has in it, the fuller you will feel after eating it
    • Mixed raw veggies
    • Sourdough pretzels

Sometimes it may seem like your energy is sapped when you're on a low-fat diet. Give your snacks the power of protein:

  • Eat for energy by snacking the right way!
    • Nuts like almonds are high protein and will give you an energy burst. Don't be afraid to eat them just because they are higher in fat and calories. The benefits are there, and, as we've mentioned before, any food is diet-friendly as long as you watch your portion size.
    • Go for a "two-fer" by combining two snacks into one. Putting peanut butter on your apple will give you a power surge. Eating graham crackers and yogurt together have more "staying-power" than either snack alone. Eat some reduced fat cubes of cheese with your fruit.
    • Yogurt is a great way to sneak dairy into your diet if you don't like drinking milk. Dairy products contain calcium, and recent research has shown that calcium may actually help us lose weight. There are regular and reduced- and non-fat varieties and many brands of yogurt. If you don't like it at first, keep taste testing until you find one you love. Yogurt packs a protein punch that will help you feel energized and satiated. Check the label for L. acidophilus (live active yogurt cultures) and you'll be doing your tummy a favor. L. acidophilus benefits digestive health.

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