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Healthy Alternative Breakfast Ideas


Updated February 15, 2014

Alternative Breakfasts

  • Go global! Did you know that in Japan it is common to eat rice, soup or steamed vegetables in the morning? It may take some getting used to, but the benefits are certainly there -- reduced fat and added nutrients from the veggies.
  • Getting a late start? Prefer "lunch-ish" foods? Melt non-fat cheese onto a slice of toasted wheat bread or spread reduced fat peanut butter onto diet white bread.
  • Hot cereal may have made you cringe as a kid, but these days there are many tasty low-fat varieties available. Add fruit or reduced calorie syrup to give it that extra zing. Hot cereal is perfect for winter mornings and will probably keep you feeling full a little longer than cold cereal.

    If you find you are hungry after experimenting with any these low-fat breakfasts, you will probably want to have a protein-based snack mid-morning. Eat a piece of fruit and some low-fat cheese on crackers later in the morning if you feel hungry. Try humus on wheat pita bread.

  • Prefer a protein punch at breakfast? Eggs are a great protein-rich breakfast, and contrary to popular belief, they are not diet-disaster… their neighbors on your plate are. Eggs are nutrient-rich with vitamins like B and K as well as folic acid, which is especially important to women's health. Some years ago, people thought eggs contributed to health risks, but it has since been proven that they do not significantly contribute to high cholesterol or increase the chance of heart disease.
  • If you find that cereal and milk just don't tide you over, try yogurt instead. It is more filling and also includes live bacteria cultures that are good for you. Or, supplement your favorite cereal with fruit sliced into it. Watch out for the high-sugar types (if your kids love it, it's probably one of them!). Not only does the extra sugar harm your diet, those cereals also tend to be less filling. You may even wish to think of your cereal as an appetizer -- eat it first thing, but then mid-morning have a larger snack with some fat and protein in it.

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