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About Atkins: Induction


Updated April 23, 2009

Induction on the Atkins diet lasts for 14 days and requires a strict limitation on the amount of carbs you can consume each day. This article will help you understand Induction on the Atkins Diet.

What is Ketosis?
During ketosis, the body switches from using glucose for energy (sufficient dietary carbs are not available) to using fat; fatty acids are then released into the bloodstream and converted into ketones. The ketones themselves are produced by the metabolism of fat.

Ketosis refers to the process of the conversion. The ketones are used by your muscles, your brain, and other organs as an energy source. Excess ketones are then eliminated during urination.

What does Induction Do?
Some of the results Dr. Atkins says induction will bring on include:

  • Stabilization of your blood sugar.
  • Putting to an end various health symptoms resulting from unstable blood sugar, such as fatigue.
  • Curbing your cravings.
  • Breaking food addictions.
  • A noticeable amount of weight loss.

What are Meals Like on Induction?
You will be building your meals around an allowed list that includes a variety of foods. Examples of Atkins-friendly breakfasts are bacon and eggs or an omelette.

Many Atkins dieters I know enjoy a chef's salad for lunch; another quick Atkins lunch is a scoop of tuna atop salad vegetables.

It's also quite easy to create a variety of appealing dinners from the allowed foods list, such as poached salmon with a cup of salad and a cup of spinach.

You'll learn more as you go along; using the list, you'll be able to build meal plans around your own personal preferences.

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