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Malia Frey

Octavia Spencer's Weight Loss Tips

By April 11, 2013

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Octavia SpencerDid you see The Help's Octavia Spencer at this year's Academy Awards?  She looked fantastic; slimmer and more radiant than ever before.  It left many of us wondering what she was doing to look thinner and more confident.  I spoke to Octavia this week to get an answer and her reply was surprising: she turned 40.

Getting Older, Getting Healthier

Octavia says that when she "joined the 40s club" she made a conscious decision to change her lifestyle and improve her health.  But while many woman want to lose weight after 40, it is an uphill battle for many of us.  Spencer was clearly doing something right.  So, I asked her about her plan.

"I decided that now was a good time to get healthy. But I wanted to do it slowly and consistently so that there would be no need for quick drastic changes later in life"

Spencer credits this healthy approach along with her consistent exercise program and the SENSA weight loss system for her slim down success. 

Could SENSA Work for You?

Octavia Spencer has used SENSA flavor crystals for five months and she has lost 20 pounds.  She also says her clothes fit better and her jeans have gotten looser.  Sounds fantastic, right?  Spencer sprinkles the crystals on every food she eats and the "tastants" help her to feel full faster and eat less.  Spencer also says that seeing weight loss results has inspired her to change her eating habits and make better food choices.

So should you go online and buy SENSA?  The weight loss program has been the subject of much debate since it hit the market several years ago. The bottom line is that research has not been able to prove either way that the crystals necessarily work or don't work.  If you're thinking about investing in the product, read the small print and weigh the pros and cons of using SENSA before making a final decision.

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