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Why the Overnight Diet Works

Some diets are scams, but this one (kinda) makes sense


Updated June 25, 2014

Why the Overnight Diet Works

Get a good night's sleep to make better food choices.

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  • It's a dieter's dream come true: you go to sleep and wake up thinner.  According to Caroline Apovian, M.D, author of The Overnight Diet, that's exactly what will happen if you buy her book and follow her plan. But can weight loss really be that simple?  Well, sort of.

    Overnight Diet: The Small Print

    In order to understand why The Overnight Diet works, you need to dig a little deeper and look past the bold headlines.  In the small print, you'll see that the weight loss plan isn't really just about sleeping more. It's about changing what and how you eat.

    On The Overnight Diet you restrict calories by fasting one day each week. The plan also requires that you eat a daily diet of lean protein, fruits and vegetables.  Sounds a little more like a standard diet now, doesn't it?

    The name of The Overnight Diet comes from the fact that the plan is based on the concept that we eat less and make better food choices when we are fully rested. While there has been research to support the idea that sleeping better can help you lose weight, this specific plan is probably most successful because of the dietary changes rather than the hours in bed.

    Sleep More to Lose Weight

    I have not read Dr. Apovian's entire book, but I can tell you that there is some well-respected research behind her plan.  Her program, however,  includes quite a bit more than just going to bed and waking up skinny. Unfortunately, based on the book's title that's what many people will believe.

    If you want to give the plan a try but don't want to buy the book, here's a cheaper alternative.  Everything you need to know about sleeping more and eating less is available for free online. You'll  find information about the importance of lean protein, eating more fruits and veggies and making healthy smoothies by clicking below. 

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