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How to Use Daylight Saving Time to Lose Weight

Take advantage of your extra hour to eat healthy and exercise


Updated July 04, 2014

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  • Did you change your daily schedule when you changed your clocks on Sunday?  You should. Daylight Saving Time is a great opportunity to lose weight. You can use the extra hour in the day to do all the things you said you would do if you had the time, like planning healthy meals, cooking low fat foods and exercising.

    How to Use Daylight Saving Time for Weight Loss

    Try this plan.  Each morning during the first week of Daylight Savings Time (DST), get up an hour earlier. Remember, it won't feel any earlier because your body is already used to waking at that time. Use the time to do the healthy activities on this schedule or make a schedule of your own. You only need to commit to a week. 

    • Monday: Use your extra hour to plan and prepare healthy snacks for the week. Chop and bag single servings of each snack so they are ready to grab each day.
    • Tuesday: Wake up and work out. New to exercise? Do an easy workout. Then pack a healthy lunch.
    • Wednesday: Go to the grocery store to stock up on healthy food. Pack a healthy lunch.
    • Thursday: Invigorate your morning with exercise.  Walk, bike or go to the gym.  You'll feel great when it's done. Pack a healthy lunch.
    • Friday:  Pre-cook a healthy dinner so it's ready when you come home today.  Pack a healthy lunch.
    • Saturday: Do a longer moderate workout this morning.  Finish the session with strength training and a relaxing stretch.
    • Sunday: Plan meals for the next week, grocery shop to stock your kitchen with healthy food and weight loss tools.

    After a week of this experiment, decide if you feel better about your body and your health than you did when you started. If it feels good, then keep going.  Set a reasonable goal for weight loss, create a balanced exercise program and grab some buddies who will help you keep your plan on track.  You'll have a new body and a new attitude when it's time to Spring forward!

    And don't forget to go to my Facebook page and let me know how your week pans out.

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