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Jenny Craig or Nutrisystem: Which is the Best Diet?


Updated July 04, 2014

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Get plenty of information before you decide

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  • Are you shopping for the best diet?  Both Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem offer similar services which leaves many dieters wondering which one is the best weight loss plan.  Make sure you get as much information as possible before you choose the best diet for you.

    Similarities between Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem

    Both of these popular weight loss plans provide pre-packaged, portion-controlled food. For that reason, both plans are better diets for clients who don't have time to cook at home and shop for groceries.  Menu items on both plans are low in calories and low in fat.

    If you are looking for food variety, both Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem provide extensive menus.  In fact, you'll find many of the same items on the Jenny Cuisine menu as you'll find on the Nutrisystem plan.  Pasta items like lasagna and fettucine alfredo are popular, as well as egg-based breakfast dishes like omelets.

    Differences Between Jenny Craig and Nutrisystem

    One of the main differences between the two weight loss programs is the type of diet motivation and support provided.  Although both programs provide web tools, the Jenny Craig weight loss program is going to be the better diet for a client who needs face to face counseling.  However, for those who prefer online support, Nutrisystem recently revamped their online site and has a new set of tools for their weight loss community.

    Which is the Best Diet for You?

    The best diet for you is the one that you'll stick to.  The best weight loss plan is different for everyone.   Be sure to think about your diet history and lifestyle before investing.  Ask yourself key questions, and then do a little research before purchasing your diet.  The time you invest before choosing the better diet may save you both time and money in the long run.

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