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Readers Respond: How to Get Through Phase One of The South Beach Diet

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Updated July 15, 2009

Phase One of The South Beach Diet is often referred to as the "strict" part of the plan. The first two weeks include the most stringent rules about what you can and can't eat. Cravings can be a problem during this portion of the diet since you are required to go "cold turkey" on so many types of foods. If you've tried the plan, have you found a helpful way to cope with the sudden diet changes and cravings? Share your advice on how to get through Phase One of The South Beach Diet.

lots to drink

I drink lots of water and green tea. And I love the fact I can still drink coffee, which i have with low fat milk and sweetener.
—Guest joanne

How to Get Through Phase One

Hydrate: Have 2 to 4 glasses 3-minutes before every meal. Eat every 2 to 4 hours. Make your food tasty. Eat before you are hungry. Don't bring home junk. Exercise regularly. Get enough sleep (6+ hours).
—Guest Datraass

No More Sugar Cravings

When I started this diet, I thought I would still crave the sweets, which I love so much. What they say about it is really true. I am only into Phase 1 and already the sugar cravings are gone and I have already lost weight. I have been eating eggs, spinach and ham for breakfast, salad topped with lemon juice and olive oil and grilled chicken breast with colorful bellpeppers and onion for dinner.
—Guest Kay

Great Diet - Make our own menu

I've read up on this diet for several years and was successful losing the weight I hoped to lose. When I had two surgeries and went on Cholesterol meds I gained it all back due to lack of motivation. (My motivation was staying off meds). I've now been living with the "idea" of the SBD in my head and I have it pretty much memorized. I play with it a bit and am doing a Phase 1/2/3 combo diet with success. My suggestion is that you try the diet as described first. If you have problems, don't give up, just tweak it a bit. Eat one or two blackberries with breakfast. It won't hurt you. Get a 75%+ Cocoa Dark Chocolate bar and eat one square at night. It won't mess up the diet, it just might slow it down a tad. And....slow weight loss is better. I will say that Phase 1 done right WILL drop your carb cravings AND it it WILL surprise you! You will be able to taste sugar in things like Romaine lettuce hearts. Very sweet and VERY Amazing.
—Guest Jeff

Second time around

This diet seemed so much easier last year when I was able to lose up to 65 pds. I've been off for a year and am struggling with finding foods I really enjoy. I'm stuck on tuna fish and pork grinds right now...
—Guest Jewels

How I Curb Night Cravings

I brush me teeth and rinse with mouth wash when I get my first after dinner/night craving. It sounds crazy, but it works for me.
—Guest Kim Brashear

eating early

I have been following the diet for a few years now. It works like a charm. When in phase one, I'll have tomato juice, nuts and coffee/tea or egg for breakfast then my main meal of fish and vegetables for lunch. I later have an evening serving of steamed vegetables for dinner. Works every time.
—Guest maureen kerrigan

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