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Readers Respond: How to Cope with Unwanted Comments

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Updated November 16, 2009

Dealing with people's criticisms, opinions and advice about your diet can be difficult, particularly during the already-stressful holiday season. But with friends and family around, it's bound to happen! How do you deal with unwanted comments about your weight-loss efforts?

Your Weight

The best thing is to ignore it, smile and change the subject. Your weight is no one's business but your own!
—Guest chelsea

Come back with a positive

Weight gain is hard enough without having to hear it from others. But why did you put on weight, was its from holiday or for health reasons for example? A response such as "at least i enjoyed myself!" or "i feel much better and healthier, the main thing is my health" makes you feel better and the other person to only question positively afterwards.
—Guest JB

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