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Readers Respond: What's the Hardest Part of Losing Weight?

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Updated June 21, 2009

When you hear the words easy weight loss tips, do you think, "Yeah, right!" because it's really tough to lose. When you really want to lose weight, and things aren't going so great, you feel like the words "easy" and "weight loss" shouldn't even be in the same sentence! Sharing your biggest challenges with others can help you cope. Tell us about the hardest part of losing weight and maybe together we can find a solution!


Why do normal people do their diets so hardcore? I'll tell you why, and how you can diet easily. NPs (normal people) think if they diet hard, they will lose weight faster, but they will run out of steam in a mile or so. If we do little by little, we can go for light-years! For month one, stay off of soda and walk for 10 minutes. (And no, not speed walking or sluggish walking, just the kind of walking you would use when you walk to your car.). Then, on week two, walk for 20 minutes and stay off of soda and fast food. (Once a month you can go and get a combo meal or whatever.) I'll let you make the rest of your life awesomeness awesome. :)
—Guest HelpfulOne

Keeping it off

Losing weight is hard. But what is really hard is keeping it off. Like lots of people I have lost weight and regained it. I am now trying to lose weight by eating the same kind of stuff but reducing portions. Hopefully I will keep this off.
—Guest Ruth

There is only one hard part about losing

The only difficult part about losing weight is the wait. If you are doing it right, you should lose slowly if you intend to keep it off. I think I have found the secret to easy weight loss. If it works, I plan to write a book about it to help others.
—Guest J.S.


I have found it very difficult to lose weight when my full-time job has me sitting in a chair all day long. I am tired before and after work and it seems unnatural, though necessary, for me to have to fit in a tough workout before or after work. I would rather be on my feet most of the day and have a naturally more well-balanced lifestyle. I feel like I am making great effort to lose weight with one hand, and living a lifestyle that produces the opposite with the other hand. How on earth can I reconcilie the two without having to kill myself at the gym? I just feel like the driving to work (sitting on my bum,) working at a computer (sitting on my bum,) driving home (sitting on my bum,) etc. are all working against me. It reminds me of the phrase "A house divided cannot stand." My life feels like a totally divided house.
—Guest Beth

Slow results

I try to stay true to my diet, I will be doing so great then the weekend comes....the weekend makes me realize I have no control over my eating/drinking habits. I fear the weekends...that's when temptation knocks on my door. I need to learn to not let it in. This is my doing. I just need a better diet and a shot of motivation.
—Guest Ashlee

No Energy

I am a full time student and work part time as a waitress -- by the time I get home and off my feet I don't have the energy to get up and get moving again. I have tried to get up and get moving ... it is so hard on sore feet. I know it is very important however why do I feel so worn out before I get started? I am 120 pounds overweight and need help, but nothing seems to help because I am so tired all the time.
—Guest kristi

Easily discouraged

I become easily discouraged when I see that number on the scale go up instead of down. My family has this mind set that healthy food tastes bad, so they're not helping much when they buy all the food that got us to be obese in the first place. I try to buy my own healthy food, but seeing everyone else eat chocolate cake ... it's so hard to resist. I'm going to keep exercising at the gym, and do my best everyday. That's all we can do! :)

Sound advice

Jennifer's list of weight loss pointers is very good. They worked for me. I would add 2 things: 1) Start with single small changes to show yourself that it CAN be done and 2) Watch out for commercial (fad) solutions. These folks are usually looking out for the bottom line, not your waste line. There's no money for them in simple, logical life-style changes.

It's really hard to not drink sodas

I always say I'm not drinking soda today! But I still do. Sweet bread is what I can't stop eating and that's the reason I don't lose the weight
—Guest Yesenia


The hardest part is going out to eat with my kids! I always want an ice cream when they get one or I feel deprived!
—Guest Kelly

No support

the hardest part for me, is that every time I try to go on a diet or cut down on desserts or fast food, my friends make fun of me. They seem to find it stupid, and immediatly make some plan to go out to mcdonalds or other equally non-healthy restaurant. I gets really dificult when everyone around you are not only eating but ordering you to eat that trash.
—Guest Marina


I think the hardest part of losing weight are two fold. Breaking through the plateaus and being able to make lifestyle changes so I don't gain anything I lost back.
—Guest Abbi

Burn out

my biggest problem is burn-out. I start with intensity and motivation but after about 6 weeks it turn into tedious work. Then I go back and regain what i have lost. luckily i don t gain more but I know it will happen if i keep this up. How do you stat motivated? how do you make to to the point of your old habbits being a thing of the past?
—Guest Michelle


I have a problem with eating when I'm bored. If I would stop snacking I could lose weight but I cant. I need to stop snacking so much
—Guest Morgan

portion control

My husband and I have been dieting for 4 months. We count every calorie we eat at each meal and keep a daily journal of our meals. I measure all of our food and fill our plates; that way we only eat what is in front of us and there are no seconds to sabotage us. He has lost 25 lbs and I have lost 20 lbs. This is a life style change for us. I was shocked to see what a single serving really was. No wonder I was so overweight.
—Guest karen

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