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Weight Loss: Most Popular Articles

These articles are the most popular over the last month.
10 Things to Stop Doing if You Want to Lose...
Do you want to lose weight? Use this list to see which weight loss mistakes you are making and learn quick fixes so that you get real weight loss results.
Everything Wrong With the Military Diet
Are you thinking about trying the Military Diet? This 3 day fast weight loss plan may come with an unexpected cost.Find out why.
How to Calculate Your Caloric Intake to Lose...
Learn how to calculate your daily calorie intake and how to count calories to lose weight.
5 Best Workouts for Overweight Exercisers
If you are overweight and need a workout routine, these are the 5 best exercises for obese and overweight beginners along with easy tips for getting started.
Curb Hunger and Lose Weight with Peanut Butter
Did you know eating peanut butter may actually help you lose weight? Read on to learn how!
Updated Guide to Diet Pills and Supplements...
Are you confused about diet pills or weight loss supplements? Find out which ones are safe and effective and which are just a waste of money.
Easy Ways to Lose Weight: What You Eat
Losing weight isn't easy, but there are some easy changes that you can make today that will pay off in pounds lost in the long run. Here are some easy ways to start losing weight.
3 Best Tips for Losing Weight
Need quick diet advice? The best tips for losing weight can be boiled down into just three things that anyone can do. You just have to know what they are!
How Many Calories in a Hard Boiled Egg?
Find out how many calories are in a hard boiled egg and discover food swaps for this snack food that will save fat and calories.
Am I Addicted to Sugar?
Is your sugar addiction causing problems? Check this list to find out if you're addicted to sugar then find out how to fix it.
How to Choose the Right Lean Proteins for Your...
Lean protein may help you feel fuller longer than other foods. Here is some advice on choosing good sources of lean protein.
Set Point Theory
Set point theory is a theory about the body's tendency to return to its natural weight, whether it be a low or high set point. This glossary entry will help you understand set point theory.
Excess Skin After Weight Loss
Excess skin after weight loss is a problem for some formerly-obese people. A reader wants to know: Do people who lose a lot of weight always have extra or saggy skin?
2 Easy Workouts for Quick Weight Loss
These two easy workouts will boost your metabolism and help you lose weight quickly and safely. Learn why they work and add weight loss boosters for a greater impact. Then turn your quick weight loss into long-term weight maintenance.
The Best and Worst Foods on the Dairy Queen Menu
Eat at DQ for 500 calories or less. Check this list of good and bad items on the Dairy Queen Menu before you head out for fast food.
Exercise for Weight Loss: 7 Steps to Success
A weight loss workout plan may be easier than you think. Change your body composition with 7 simple steps and get the most out of your weight loss exercise.
How Much Weight You Can Lose if You Stop...
Want to know how much weight you can lose if you stop drinking soda for one year? Check this list to find out. Page 2.
Starbucks - How to Order Low-Calorie Coffee...
Learn how to order a low calorie coffee drink at Starbucks or any coffee house. Order off the menu or create your own tasty coffee treat for under 100 calories.
Exercise Intensity: How Hard Should I Exercise...
If you exercise to lose weight, you need to include high intensity exercise, moderate intensity exercise, low intensity exercise for best results.
5 Ways to Make Water Taste Better
You know you should drink more water, right? Learn how to make water taste better so you can drink water to lose weight and improve your health.
Calculate and Understand Your BMI
BMI stands for body mass index, which is a calculation of one's weight to height. This article will help you calculate and understand your BMI.
5 Biggest Weight Loss Workout Mistakes
Which one of these weight loss workout mistakes are you making? If you exercise and can't lose weight, you're probably making one of them. Check the list, then learn how to fix your blunder and get results.
What You Can Drink During Induction on the...
Induction on the Atkins Diet allows you to drink only certain beverages while eliminating others. Here is a brief look at what you can drink during Induction on the Atkins Diet.
Stop Making These Common Portion Size Mistakes
Feeling fat and bloated? You may have fallen victim to one of these common portion size mistakes.
Biking to Lose Weight
If you are biking to lose weight make sure you structure your cycling workout so that your bike riding burn maximum calories.
How to Make Healthy Choices at Mexican...
Learn which dishes to say si to at your favorite Mexican eatery as you're trying to lose weight.
Change Your Body Composition
Change your body composition. The right workout will help you lose fat, sculpt muscles, improve muscular endurance and get a long lean body.
5 Ways to Burn Calories without Exercise
Do you need to burn more calories? Find out how many calories you can burn with NEAT, or non-exercise activity thermogenesis. No sweat, no exercise required.
Protein: How Much Should You Eat to Lose Weight?
Eating enough foods with protein? Find out how much protein you need to gain lean muscle mass and and lose body fat and use easy protein recipes to get started.
What is body composition?
Body composition refers to the amount of relative fat to muscle you have in your body. Here is what you need to know about body composition.
Lower Your Blood Pressure and Lose Weight With...
Learn how to lower your blood pressure with the DASH diet. Get pros and cons for the dash diet, a typical dash diet menu and learn to lose weight on the plan.
Belviq: Weight Loss Medication Information
Are you tempted to try Belviq? Get facts about the weight loss medication: risks, benefits, costs and how much weight you can lose.
Can a detox diet help me lose weight?
Detox diets are always touted in celebrity magazines, but are they legit? Find out: Can a detox diet help me lose weight?
5 Questions to Ask When Picking the Right Diet...
Are you on the right diet? Ask yourself these 5 questions to find the best diet for you.
Allowed Foods on Phase One of The South Beach...
Allowed foods Phase One of The South Beach Diet include certain meats, vegetables, nuts, and sugar-free treats. This article will help you learn more about what you can eat on Phase One of The South Beach Diet.
How to Be Your Own Personal Trainer
Learn to be your own personal trainer in just five steps. Then train yourself and get the same results the pros do.
10 Tips for a Healthy Breakfast
Check out these 10 easy tips for a better, healthier breakfast that will help you lose weight.
How to Fix Loose Skin After Weight Loss
Do you have loose skin after weight loss surgery or after losing a significant amount of weight? Noted physician Dr. Ninh T. Nguyen, MD explains how to deal with excess skin.
The South Beach Diet
What you need to know about The South Beach Diet: foods you can't eat, foods you can eat, and each Phase of the diet.
Quick Guide: Sonic Drive-In
Check out the best and worst choices from the menu at the fast food eatery Sonic Drive-In.
8 Easy Ways to Lose Weight
Lose weight without going on a diet? It's not too good to be true. You don't have to follow a strict diet to get the ball rolling; making these easy but effective changes really can help you lose weight.
Calculate Your BMR
How many calories should you consume to avoid gaining weight? Calculate your BMR to find out how many calories to consume daily based on your metabolism and activity level.
How to Make Healthy Salads
Salads are a great way to get in your daily dose of veggies. When preparing a salad at home or at a salad bar, use these ideas for cutting calories and making healthier choices.
Healthy Breakfast Recipes & Cooking Tips
Need healthy breakfast recipes? Get tips, a list of healthy breakfast foods, recipes and ideas to make high protein breakfast foods that are low in calories.
Healthy Breakfast Dos and Don'ts
Are you sure you're eating a healthy breakfast? Use this list of dos and don'ts to make sure your morning meal is as healthy as it should be.
Jenny Craig Diet: Pros and Cons
Is the Jenny Craig weight loss program right for you? Get Jenny Craig pros and cons including cost, food and reviews.
Fast Food Quick Guide: Arby's
Arby's menus is tricky -- even healthy-sounding selections like turkey sandwiches or certain wraps are loaded with calories. This quick guide will help you make calorie-smart choices at Arby's fast food restaurants.
How to Lose 10 Pounds
If you need to lose 10 pounds, or even 5 pounds, make sure your weight loss plan is tailored for that specific short-term goal. Use these 7 steps to lose the weight and enjoy a slimmer, sleeker body in less time.
An Overview of The Atkins Diet
The Atkins Diet is one of the most popular weight-loss plans of all time. Here is a basic overview of the Atkins Diet.
7 Steps to Weight Loss for Women Over 40
Are you a woman over 40? Are you struggling to lose weight? Slimming down gets harder as you age. Use these 7 steps for weight loss over 40 to reach your goal.
12 Best Carb Counting Tools and Calculators
Use these carb counters and lists to find the carbohydrate count and other important nutrient data for your favorite home and restaurant foods.
Body Composition
Body composition refers to the proportion of fat and fat-free mass in the body. A lower proportion of body fat leads to a healthy body composition.
How to Lose Weight with Lean Protein
You can lose weight with a lean protein diet. Experts say it is an effective form of weight loss. Find out how much you need and how to get it.
Pros and Cons of Weight Watchers
Weight Watchers is a long-standing, successful weight-loss program, but it may not be for everyone. This article will help you understand the pros and cons of the Weight Watchers program.
Back to Basics: How Fast to Lose Weight
How fast to lose weight is a decision you need to make, but as a rule of thumb it is recommended to lose no more than one or two pound weekly. This article will explain how fast to lose weight.
Foods to Avoid on Phase One of the South Beach...
Foods to avoid on Phase One of The South Beach Diet include dark meat chicken, carrots, and corn. This list will advise you on more foods to avoid on Phase One of The South Beach Diet.
How to Measure Body Fat: BMI vs Body Fat...
Do you know how to measure body fat? Experts use both body fat percentage and BMI. Find out which measurement is best for you.
Understand Phase 1 of The South Beach Diet
The South Beach Diet is a popular diet plan that cuts carbs and encourages the consumption of healthy fats. This article will help you understand Phase 1 of The South Beach Diet.
What to Eat at McDonald's for 500 Calories or...
You can eat healthy fast food at McDonald's! See a list of McDonald's fast food meals for under 500 calories and learn how to order a healthy combination in the drive-thru lane.
Nutrisystem: How the Diet Program Works
Nutrisystem weight loss program is a popular diet, but is it right for you? Get the facts and read reviews.
Stay Motivated
Learn how to stick to your guns and experience long-term weight loss success by using five important weight loss motivation skills.
Calorie Counting Dos and Don'ts
Count calories the right way. Use this quick, easy list to make sure your calorie counting efforts result in real weight loss. See how many calories you burn!
10 Ways to Lose Weight Without Going on a Diet
Don't want to go on a diet? You don't have to. Check out these 10 easy ways to make small changes than lead to losing weight.
Learn the definition of flexibility.
Fast Food Quick Guide: Taco Bell
Taco Bell offers a wide variety of Mexican-style fast food options, but only a few are truly diet-friendly. Here are some calorie-smart choices at Taco Bell.
Calorie Count: Why You Shouldn't Always Trust...
Do you know how many calories are really in your food? You probably don't. New research sheds light on the inaccuracy of calorie count.
Pros and Cons of the Atkins Diet
The Atkins Diet has many unique factors that you should consider before attempting to follow it. What may rule out this strict diet for some may make it ideal for you. Here, learn about some of the pros and cons of the Atkins diet.
3 Easy Ways to Make Vegetables Taste Better
Make vegetables taste better with 3 simple techniques. You can also use these low calorie vegetable recipes at home to get everyone to eat more vegetables.
Definition of Muscle Strength
Muscle strength refers to the amount of force a muscle can produce. Several factors affect muscle strength.
5 Essential Elements of Successful Weight Loss...
Do your weight loss goals include these 5 things? If you want to achieve successful weight loss, then set yourself with the best goal setting tools.
Definition of Fat Free Mass
Fat-free mass is comprised of the nonfat components of the human body. Learn more about fat-free mass.
Top 10 Ways to Control Portions
It's the key to long-term weight management: portion control. Learn the ten best ways to start being -- and stay -- in control.
Basal Metabolic Rate
Basal Metabolic Rate (BMR) efers to the minimum amount of energy -- in the form of calories -- that your body requires to complete its normal functions
How to Plan Meals to Lose Weight
Learn how to plan meals to make weight loss easier and more effective. Use these tips and templates to schedule healthy meals.
Zaggora Hotwear: Does It Burn More Calories?
Are you thinking about buying Zaggora hotwear? The capris and hotpants are cute but do they really burn more calories. Here's the real skinny.
Can I reduce belly fat with sit-ups?
Belly fat can be difficult to get rid of. Learn what you can and can't do to rid yourself of belly fat.
Tone Your Abs: Understanding Abdominal Muscles...
Abdominal muscles aren't only about your appearance; they also affect your posture and overall well being. This article will help you learn how to tone your abs with crunches and to better understand your abdominal muscles.
Boost Your Metabolism with Lean Protein
Lean protein can help you to boost your metabolism. Find out how much protein you need and how to choose the best lean protein foods.
What is Body Composition?
Understanding body composition is the key to building the body that you want. Learn what it is, why it matters and how to change it to get a leaner, fitter physique.
Xenical vs Alli: What's the Difference Between...
Are you thinking of taking Alli or Xenical? Find out more about orlistat, including risks, benefits, costs and alternatives.
Easy Weight Loss Workouts for Beginners
Learn why the best weight loss workouts are easy workouts if you are a beginner. Then pick one of these workout programs or design one of your own to make your weight loss program successful.
How to Make Healthy Low-Calorie Desserts
Enjoy a healthy dessert with these easy dessert recipes and low calorie dessert ideas.
Insurance and Paying for Gastric Bypass Surgery
Paying for gastric bypass surgery is a top concern for those who are candidates for the procedure. Having medical insurance doesn't mean you won't need to pay for all or part of the procedure yourself. This article will help you learn more about insurance and paying for gastric bypass surgery.
How Many Calories Should You Eat for Weight Loss?
How many calories I should eat is a question most people ask when they want to lose weight. Here's how find the answer.
Energy Expenditure
Energy expenditure refers to the amount of energy a person uses in the form of calories. Caloric intake must be balanced with energy expenditure.
Fast Food Quick Guide: Wendy's
Wendys offers a few diet-friendly items, such as a small chili for around 200 calories. But beware those calorie-laden burgers -- some have close to a thousand calories! This quick guide will help you identify healthy fast food choices at Wendys.
Top Five Weight Loss Books for Beginners Picks
The top five weight loss books for beginners.: weight loss books american heart association weight loss journey fad diet weight loss tip
5 Ways to Measure Your Caloric Needs
How many calories should you eat to lose weight? Here are the five best ways to get an accurate answer and get weight loss results.
Count Your Steps with a Pedometer
Using a pedometer is a great way to gauge your progress and stay motivated in your walking workout. Here are some tips on how to choose and use yours. Page 2.
6 Weeks to a Better Body
Are you ready for a better body? Start this free six week online e-course to get all the tools, strategies, workouts and tips you need to make real changes.
Biking for Weight Loss
If you are biking for weight loss, get equipped for your cycling workout with cycling gear and learn the most essential biking tips. Page 2.
Myths About Carbohydrates
Common myths about carbohydrates.
Qsymia: Weight Loss Medication Information
Find out if Qysmia diet pill could help you lose weight. Get a list of side effects, costs and benefits of the weight loss medication.
3 Critical Things You Need to Know About...
Should you buy garcinia cambogia? These are the three critical things a smart consumer should know before investing in these weight loss pills.
Prevent Weight Gain During Menopause
Research about weight gain during menopause provides insight and helpful weight loss tips to help women lose or maintain their weight during and after menopause
How to Lose Weight on a Budget
Budget living is on everyone's minds these days. Losing weight doesn't have to mean spending more money. Here are some easy ways to lose weight while on a budget.
How to Build a Better Workout Program
If you don't include these 3 components, you're not getting the full benefits of your weight loss workout program.
Calories burned during a 5K
Can you burn off the calories in your holiday meal by running a 5K? Find out how many calories you burn during a 5K at different paces.
Set Up Healthy Eating Habits to Lose Weight
There are healthy eating habits that will help you lose weight. These 4 habits are the foundation of the 6 Weeks to a Better Body program.
The Top 50 Foods for Fat Fighters
If you're ready to make your lifestyle change and eat healthier, then let's clear out that kitchen and stock it with staples that will help you cut fat and calories.
Just the FAQs: Stretch Marks
Learn what stretch marks are and if they can be fixed.
Make a Healthy Lunch: Ideas and Recipes
Make a healthy lunch with easy recipes or use ideas for eating out, lunch at the office, or cooking at home.
Burn More Calories in Less Time
Some workouts help you lose fat better than others. Use these effective workouts to burn more calories and slim down.
Eating Too Much Sugar? 3 Baby Steps to Reduce...
Learn how to live a low sugar life in just three simple steps. Author Dan DeFigio explains how to reduce your sugar intake and live a heatlhier life.
Smart Snacks for Weight Watchers Points Counters
Want something sweet, crunchy or salty? You'll find a tasty treat here all worth 4 Weight Watchers Points or less!
Eat More Protein: 5 Ways to Eat More and Lose...
Did you know that if you eat more protein, it may help you lose weight? Here are five easy ways to get more protein in your diet.
Easy Exercise Programs to Lose Weight
Find out why easy exercise is the foundation of a weight loss workout program and learn to incorporate simple, easy exercise into your life to lose weight and keep it off.
Today's Tip: Soup's On!
Eating soup for weight loss works. Soup's a great way to curb your appetite and prevent overeating. And winter's the perfect time to enjoy a hot bowl. Here are some tips on eating soup for weight loss.
Should I Count Carbs to Lose Weight?
Counting carbs might be your ticket to weight loss, but researchers disagree about carb counting vs. calorie counting. Get the bottom line.
Weight Loss Smoothie Dos and Don'ts
Weight loss smoothies can ruin your diet if you are not careful. Use these dos and don'ts to make sure your smoothie isn't doing more harm than good.
Reduce Your Sugar Intake to Lose Weight
You might be eating too much sugar. Learn how and why you should improve your health by finding and reducing hidden sugar in your diet.
Different Types of Surgery For Weight Loss
Considering surgery for weight loss? See the risks and benefits of each bariatric procedure before you decide which one is right for you.
Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle (review)
Want to get a lean, fit body? Tom Venuto's Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle might be the answer. But I only recommend it for certain people.
My Top Choices from Four Fast Food Restaurants
Check out my recommendations for the top choices at several popular fast food chains.
Cooking Tips to Cut Fat and Cut Calories
Cut calories and cut fat with these easy healthy cooking tips.
How to Exercise for Weight Loss
Exercise for weight loss is thoroughly covered here, with practical advice on the benefits of exercise, how to get started, ideal workouts and more. This is your guide to the basics on exercise for weight loss.
What is a Serving?
What is a serving? Don't make the critical mistake of confusing portion size with serving size. Know the difference to lose weight faster.
Healthy Dinner Recipes
Healthy dinner recipes and low calorie recipes that will keep your diet on track and keep your family full and happy.
High Intensity Interval Training
Set up your own HIIT workout (High Intensity Interval Training)using the interval training times tested by weight loss researchers and exercise physiologists.
Healthy Snacks: Tips and Recipes
Healthy snack recipes and healthy snack tips to help you make it through the day without ruining your weight loss program.
Can I Lose Weight with Weight Loss Shakes?
: Can I Lose Weight with Weight Loss Shakes? As with other diet plan s, making the choice about following
How to Lose Weight With Exercise
Ready to get lean? Don't waste your time on fads. Learn to lose weight with exercise using effective methods tested by research.
SENSA Weight Loss System: Pros and Cons
The SENSA weight loss system, or the Sprinkle Diet, might help you lose weight. Learn the pros and cons before you invest your time and money.
How To Lose 1 to 5 Pounds in 30 Minutes
a simple how to on weight loss, from your about.com guide
Overcome 3 Common Weight Loss Barriers
What are your weight loss barriers? Learn what they are and how to take simple steps to get past the challenges that hold you back.
Does This Medication Make Me Gain Weight?
Medications that cause weight gain include some of the most widely prescribed drugs in the United States. Medications for common conditions like diabetes, migraines, high blood pressure, depression and bipolar disorder -- have been found to cause weight gain.
How Many Calories in Peeps?
Learn how many calories are in Peeps marshmallow chicks and find out how to avoid overeating on Easter.
Is It Time to Choose the Weight Loss Surgery...
Before you choose the weight loss surgery option, ask yourself these questions. They will help you decide if bariatric surgery is right for you.
All About Jenny Craig
Learn the basics of the Jenny Craig weight loss program.
My Food Diary Print Out
A simple food diary print-out for recording your food intake and then reflecting on your tendencies to eat from emotion, stress, or habit. Take a look at our free food diary print out.
Easy Recipes for Weight Loss
Ready to get cooking, but don't know where to start? About.com has plenty of healthy recipes for kitchen newbies. Check out these easy recipes for weight loss.
Quick Weight Loss Methods: Pros & Cons
Need to lose weight fast? Find out why some quick weight loss methods work and why some methods are less effective.
Look Younger, Lose Weight with Fun, New Sexy Diet
Want to look younger? Food & Mood author Elizabeth Somer reveals how the sexy diet will help you to feel more passionate and reach your weight loss goals.
Can a Healthy Breakfast Boost Your Metabolism?
Need to boost your metabolism? Find out what research has to say about eating a healthy breakfast. You may be surprised.
How to Get Motivated to Lose Weight
Get motivated to lose weight with a few easy tricks. Find weight loss success by learning the same motivational tips used by trainers and coaches.
Abdominal Bloating
Abdominal bloating is a feeling of tightness around the belly area. Eating too much at one time is a common cause of abdominal bloating.
Diets A to Z
Read here for more information about popular weight loss plans, including diets like Atkins, Best Life, Jenny Craig and The Zone.
How to Lose Weight on the Atkins Diet
Learn the basics of the Atkins Diet here!
How Many Calories in Avocado?
How many calories are in the avocados that you love? Should you swap a lower calorie food? Find out how avocados affect your diet.
How Many Calories In Ham?
Find out how many calories in ham and which brands and flavors are lower in fat, calories and sodium.
Breakfasts Under 400 Calories
Who needs to cook? These easy to prep a.m. meals will keep you full and energized until your lunch hour rolls around. Check out these ideas for breakfasts under 400 calories.
What is Best Diet Plan for Me?
South Beach Diet, Jenny Craig or Weight Watchers ... What is the best diet plan for me? Page 2.
How Many Calories in Wine (Red or White)?
Calories in wine, red or white, can add up if you don't know which ones to choose. Learn more about choosing the best option.
How Many Calories in a Margarita?
Find out how many calories are in margaritas in restaurants and popular store brands.
Pizza Pointers
Pizza is a favorite food for many of us, but it can cost major calories. Learn how to cut calories from pizza.
Cardiorespiratory Endurance
Cardiorespiratory endurance is just one part of overall physical fitness. It may also be referred to as aerobic fitness.
Diet Fatigue: When Losing Weight Causes Stress
If you have diet fatigue, diet stress, or diet anxiety your weight loss program could backfire. Learn what causes diet stress and how to fix it.
How to Bust Your Belly Fat
Want flatter abs? Medical research and fitness experts reveal the most important components of a program to reduce your belly fat.
What You Need to Know About Weight Watchers
Weight Watchers is a well-known weight-loss program that encourages members to track their food and beverage intake and enjoy a variety of foods in moderation. Here is some basic information about the Weight Watchers program.
How To Choose a Diet That's Right For You
a simple how to on weight loss, from your about.com guide

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