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12 Best Carb Counting Tools and Calculators

Keep Your Low-Carb Diet on Track with These Tools


Updated March 24, 2014

If you're on a low-carb diet, you know that counting carbs is the key to your success. But in order to stay healthy, it's helpful to be knowledgeable other nutrient information as well, such as the amount of protein, fiber, sugar, fat and total calories that you consume. Use these tools and calculators to get all the information you need to stay on track.

1. Should I Count Carbs to Lose Weight?

What's better for weight loss, counting carbs or counting calories? Get more information and find out why watching your carbohydrate intake matters if you want to improve your health.

2. CalorieCount.com Food Search Tool

Simply type in a food, and CalorieCount.com provides not only carbohydrate information, but also important data about other nutrients like fat, sodium and calories. It even provides a letter grade for the nutritional value of the food. Eating in a restaurant? No problem. CalorieCount.com has all the data you need from fast food and chain restaurants.

3. Carbohydrate Needs for Active Exercisers

The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics provides guidelines to help active athletes and exercisers eat the right amount of carbohydrate so that they have enough energy for efficient workouts.


4. Atkins Carb Counter and Acceptable Foods List

This downloadable list is perfect for people who are following the Atkins Diet and Weight Loss Program.

5. Carbohydrate Counting - American Diabetes Association

This fact sheet provides basic instructions about how to start counting carbs, and how to find low-carb foods. You'll also find a list of common foods that contain a small amount of carbohydrates.

6. Carbohydrate Counting: The Basics

This is a good resource from the American Diabetes Association for people who are just starting to count carbohydrates. Learn how to measure one serving of carbohydrates, and learn which foods are most likely to contain too many carbs.

7. Carbohydrate Calculator

Wondering how many carbohydrates you should consume every day? This easy-to-use calculator from the University of Maryland Medical System will give you a quick answer. The tool takes your age, gender and activity into account to give you the best result. Answers are based on data from the American Dietetic Association.

8. NutritionData.com - Nutrient Search Tool

This handy tool allows you to search for foods according to nutrient. For example, you can search for low-carbohydrate, high-protein foods that are in the "Snacks" category, and you'll get a list of low-carb treats.

9. How to Measure Your Caloric Needs

If you are trying to cut both carbohydrates and calories, these are the five different methods you can use to get the right number. Weigh the pros and cons of each method to get the best result for you.

10. Carb Counts for Foods & Beverages

Find a list of commonly eaten foods, condiments, drinks and restaurant food along with the carbohydrate count for each item.

11. About.com Low Carb Diets

Looking for delicious low carb recipes? The About.com Guide to Low Carb Diets has plenty of recipes, and she provides detailed carbohydrate information for each dish for people who are counting carbs.

12. Diabetes Diet: A Step by Step Guide

Are you counting carbs to manage diabetes? Find out more about eating well with the condition and counting carbohydrates in this step by step guide.

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