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The Purpose of Induction on the Atkins Diet


Updated February 15, 2014

Induction on the Atkins Diet requires a strict reduction in carb intake for the first 14 days of the plan. But just what is the purpose of Induction on The Atkins Diet? What does induction on The Atkins Diet actually accomplish?

Induction is the introductory phase of The Atkins Diet. Dr. Atkins refers to it as a way to "get the weight loss ball rolling" and change your way of life. The purpose of induction is to induce a change in your body chemistry that leads to lipolysis (burning fat for energy) and a secondary process known as ketosis. (Ketosis means your body is using fat for energy and as a side effect, your appetite will most likely diminish.)

Some of the results Dr. Atkins says induction will bring on include:


    • Stabilization of your blood sugar.
    • Putting to an end various health symptoms resulting from unstable blood sugar, such as fatigue.
    • Curbing your cravings.
    • Breaking food addictions.
    • A noticeable amount of weight loss.
Induction is not the entire Atkins plan and is not meant to be a permanent way of eating. It is only the introductory period you follow for the first two weeks. It requires that you follow some rather precise rules in order to be effective.

Please note that Induction should not be followed by pregnant women or those with severe kidney-disease. Please consult your doctor before beginning this or any other diet.


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