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Fast Food Quick Guide: Taco Bell

What Are the Most Healthy Fast Food Choices at Taco Bell?


Updated May 30, 2014

A woman leaves a Taco Bell restaurant June 14, 2002 where 'dirty' bomb suspect Jose Padilla worked for two years in Davie, Florida.
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Taco Bell is well-known for Mexican-style menu items such as tacos, burritos, and quesadillas. In recent years, the chain attempted to lighten-up their menu by offering "Fresco Style" choices with less fat, but there are still some definite diet disasters on order: One mucho-shocking menu choice? The Mucho Grande Nachos at a staggering 1,320 calories. Even healthy-sounding choices, such as a taco salad, will set you back around 800 calories. This quick guide will help you make calorie-smart menu choices at Taco Bell.

Good Choices:

Choices to Avoid:

Bonus Tip: Some Taco Bell locations offer an item called Taco Salad Express with Chips. Do without the chips, hold the cheddar cheese and sour cream, and use the citrus salsa provided as dressing. This tasty salad is an alternative to the larger taco salad, and its beef and beans provide a protein boost for 290 calories.

To find out the calorie count of more fast food menu items, as well as many other types of foods, visit About.com's Calorie Count.

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