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Summer Travel Tips: Road Trip Rules

Road trips are a must for having summer fun without breaking the budget! But, do they mean you'll bust your calorie budget? Not with these smart tactics for eating healthy on road trips.

Calculate Your BMR

How many calories should you consume to avoid gaining weight? Calculate your BMR to find out how many calories to consume daily based on your metabolism and activity level.

Today's Tip: Increase Dairy Foods

Think you have to swear off dairy to lose weight? Think again -- adding it may help you lose! Here are tips about cheese, and some easy and delicious ways to add more dairy foods to your diet.

Today's Tip: Try 200-Calorie Side Dishes

Healthy side dishes that are easy to make? There's little cooking required to make these 200 calorie healthy side dishes.

Today's Tip: Tame Temptation

Is temptation at every turn? Keep it in check with these simply ways to stay focused on your diet when food is eveywhere you look!

Today's Tip: Cut Pasta Calories

Cut pasta calories with these tips and tricks for reducing fat and calories in your favorite pasta dishes.

Today's Tip: Cope with 5 Weight-Loss Saboteurs

Friends and family can sometimes affect your weight-loss efforts in a negative way. Learn how to deal with some of the common friends and family issues people trying to lose weight face.

5 Simple Changes to Eat Healthier

Want to overhaul your diet and eat smarter every day? Eat healthier with these simple, easy-to-adapt-to tips that your Guide has used with success.

Today's Tip: Make Healthier Family Meals

Make healthier family meals with a few changes that will cut fat and calories without your family or yourself sacrificing old favorites.

Quick Guide: Holiday Party Foods

Find out how many calories are in some of the most common holiday party foods.

Quick Guide: Cheese

Cheese calories add up quick. Keep your portions in check by using this guide to the calories in cheese.

Today's Tip: Bulk Buying

Bulk buying can save you a lot of money, but if you aren't careful, it can lead to overeating. Here are my top diet-frinedly tips for bulk buying.

Today's Tip: Don't Let Drinks Derail Your Diet

Calories in beverages can really add up throughout the day! Here's a brief look at how many calories some common drinks provide and why it's best to reserve those calories for use elsewhere.

Quick Guide: Indian Restaurants

Learn which dishes to choose and which to avoid at Indian restaurants.

How to Find and Swap Money-Saving Coupons

Save cash on healthy foods with coupons.

How Many Calories Should I Eat?

How many calories should I eat is a common question. A reader asks how many calories should a 32 year old man eat.

Five Healthy Foods that Aren't

Learn about five foods you think are healthy, but aren't really the best choices for eating for weight loss.

All About Jenny Craig

Learn the basics of the Jenny Craig weight loss program.

Quick Tips 15: Eating Out

Eating out doesn't have to mean blowing your diet! Whether you want to pay a visit to the nearest diner or swing by a drive-through for lunch, check out these tips for cutting calories eating out.

Today's Tip: Eat Healthy at Summer Cookouts

Eat healthy at summer cookouts, cut calories and control portions using these simple tips.

Identify and Understand Hunger Signals

When you learn to pay attention to hunger signals, you will start knowing when to eat and when to stop eating. This article will help you identify and understand hunger signals.

Cut Your Food Budget while Cutting Calories

Cut costs while cutting calories? It can be done! Check out my top ways to save some green at the supermarket while you're shedding pounds.

Today's Tip: Healthy Korean Food Choices

Healthy Korean food choices aren't as tough to find as you might think. Here are a few diet friendly options among korean food choices.

Dear Diary: Why You Need to Start a Food Diary Today

Learn why starting a food diary is the most important step to long-term weight loss success!

Quick Tips 13: Get Started Today

Our tips are collected all in one spot -- the top tips are in "Quick Tips" where you'll find simple but effective ways to lose weight and be healhtier.

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