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Diets A to Z: Weight Watchers Momentum


Updated February 15, 2014

Weight Watchers Momentum:

Weight Watchers Momentum is a version of the Weight Watchers weight-loss plan unveiled in 2009. Weight Watchers Momentum is followed by attending meetings at local Weight Watchers Centers or online at WeightWatchers.com. There is also a Weekly Pass option available that combines online features and weekly meeting-attendance.

How Weight Watchers Momentum is Different:

Weight Watchers Momentum focuses on encouraging participants to consume certain foods that are considered filling on a regular basis to keep hunger at bay. It also included a simple method to monitor hunger levels before and after meals. The "Core" version of the Weight Watchers plan -- which specified certain foods to eat and others to avoid -- had been eliminated.

Indentifying Filling Foods:

Upon joining, you will be provided with further details about the foods that are considered to be filling. If you use the plan online, your food and beverage tracking tool will indicate these foods with a special symbol. Members can also print out a list of filling foods to refer to.

Tracking Your Hunger Level:

Understanding and rating your hunger level is a new and helpful feature of the Weight Watchers Momentum plan. Weight Watchers provides a simple scale which you can use to measure hunger before and after meals. This tool will help you to identify certain foods or combinations of foods that keep hunger pangs at bay longer and leave you feeling satisfied.

Tracking "Points" and Activity:

As with previous versions, tracking your food and beverage intake remains a very important part of the Weight Watchers Momementum plan. Every food or beverage is assigned a "points" value and you are alloted a specified number of total points for each day as well as a set number of "spare" points you can use throughout the week. You can use a printed journal provided at meetings, or the online version, which includes a database of many common foods and restaurant choices, to track your intake. You will also track your daily activity.

Cost of Weight Watchers Momentum:

The cost of attending Weight Watchers meetings varies by location. Weekly meetings cost approximately $11 per week in addition to a "registration fee" that may be charged when you sign up. You will be provided with a basic membership package at registration. Additional program materials cost extra. Following the plan online curently costs approximately $24 a month and the Weekly Pass costs around $40 a month. (This can also vary, so check the official Weight Watchers Web site for current rates and specials.)

Long-Term Effects of Weight Watchers Momentum:

Weight Watchers Momentum is a safe, reliable weight-loss method. It provides many important health and nutritional guidelines (encouraging sufficient daily servings of vegetables, healthy fats, etc.) and incorporates behavioral changes that are key to long-term success, such as portion control. No special foods are required and nearly any type of food can be incorporated into the plan. Regular physical activity is encouraged. You can expect to lose approximately one to two pounds each week while following Weight Watchers Momentum.

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