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Can You Stick with "Somersizing"?


Updated February 15, 2014

Is it Hard to Follow?

It depends on how dedicated you are to changing your way of life. This plan may be a little tougher to follow than other low-carb diets as you do have to pay very closet attention to every single thing you eat in that you need to know whether every food should or should not be eaten alone or whether or not you must eat something else with it (even if you don't particularly want to).

Is it worth it? Well, there really isn't any scientific evidence showing eating certain foods alone and others together makes any difference to weight loss or general health.

But since you'll be cutting out sugar and flour and bread and all the other "funky foods" you will most likely lose weight because omitting those items from your diet will significantly lower your caloric intake.

Points to Consider

Experts have pointed out several caveats about the Somers book including its lack of focus on exercise; not allowing for enough calcium in the diet; and the likelihood of its followers eating foods high in cholesterol. You may also experience constipation while following this plan -- when you cut back so drastically on carbohydrates, you cut back on fiber, too.

As with other carb-cutting plans, the big question is will you be able to live this way? If you go back to eating carbs like you used to (all those "funky foods"!), you will inevitably gain back any weight you've lost!

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