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What You Need to Know About "Somersizing"


Updated February 15, 2014


Whole milk is a no-no on Somers' plan.

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What is Somersizing?

"Somersizing" is named coined to describe the diet plan authored by actress Suzanne Somers, well-known as Chrissy from "Threes Company". The most recent version of her diet is Suzanne Somers Get Skinny on Fabulous Foods.

What is the Diet Based On?

Somers based the book on food combining principles. She claims that following them can not only help you burn fat more efficiently, but also balance your hormones and improve your metabolism. Following the first phase of diet, Somers suggests, may actually help treat medical conditions like Irritable Bowel Syndrome.

What is the Diet Like?

The key factor in Somers' plan is the idea that certain foods should and shouldn't be eaten together. The rules about which foods to eat alone and which go with other foods are included in her "Seven Easy Steps to Somersizing".

For example, you'll learn to eat fruit by itself and always include vegetables –- but never carbs -– when you eat protein or fat. "Pro/fats" are foods that combine with protein and fat, and a few carbohydrates are included on an "acceptable" list.

You'll also have to swear off most dairy foods as well as eliminate what Somers refers to as "funky foods" which include –- but aren't limited to –- sweets, potatoes, corn, and white rice. Other foods that are off limits include nuts, whole milk, and yogurt.

There is no calorie counting and no focus on watching serving sizes or practicing portion control. You can simply eat until you are no longer hungry, or what Somers calls "comfortably full".

There is some leniency when Somers suggests you can occasionally cheat by eating small amounts of these types of foods, but if you do, you still follow the rules set forth in the "Seven Easy Steps" section.

Bottom line: You’ll say "good-bye" to starches and sugar and "hello" to protein and fat. Somers provides a lot of recipes in this book, but don’t look for much in the way of daily meal plans (You will need to learn to apply the rules to your daily life rather than following a set menu).

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