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Weight Loss Q&A: SugarBusters!


Updated February 15, 2014

What is SugarBusters!?
The Sugar Busters! Diet was developed by a Fortune 500 CEO named Leighton Steward along with a cardiologist, an endocrinologist and a gastroenterologist.

The answer to weight loss on SugarBusters!: Sugar – not fat – makes us overweight. It is based on the theory that too much sugar causes insulin to rise, which leads to higher blood sugar … and a higher number on the scale.

Is it a low-carb plan?
This plan is not technically a low-carb diet as it does not define how many (or how few as the case may be) carbohydrates you can have in a day. There’s no counting carbs (or calories). The diet just happens to teach you to omit certain carbohydrates from your diet.

What types of foods will I have to give up?
You will eliminate sugar – and not just candy bars and cakes – that means all sources of sugar, which includes foods that rate high on the glycemic index such as honey, beer, pasta and potatoes. You’ll avoid highly-refined foods such as processed foods in favor of whole foods (except for those whole foods that have a high-glycemic index).

What is the food on the plan like?
While avoiding starches and sugars, you will eat lean beef, chicken and other lean protein sources as well as certain vegetables such as beans, lettuce and squash. You’ll also be getting in some low-fat dairy products. Many fruits are acceptable. Whole grains are completely acceptable and encouraged.

Say sayonara to such foods as white bread ... carrots ... corn ... pizza crust ... and potatoes, as well as candy, sugary cereal, pre-packaged snack foods, and desserts. If you need to satisfy that sweet tooth, you can turn to sugar-free treats or sweeten acceptable foods with some NutraSweet.

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