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Quick and Easy Low Calorie Entrees


Updated February 15, 2014

Just because you're pressed for time doesn't mean you can't prepare a healthful, low calorie dinner at home. In no time flat, your family can enjoy a homemade entree for a lot less calories than fast food or takeout. Check out these quick and easy low calorie entree recipes from the About.com Guide to low calorie cooking. They're all ready in 30 minutes or less!

Chicken Kebab

Kebabs may be a summertime favorite on the grill, but you can also make them year-round using your oven. In this recipe, spraying the chicken with cooking spray and adding flavorful spices is a calorie-cutting alternative to marinating. Calories: 124

Chicken Parmesan

Save money by preparing this Italian restaurant favorite at home for around 300 calories. Served alongside a whole grain and a veggie-filled salad, this makes a filling yet diet-friendly meal in 30 minutes. Calories: 311

Turkey and Cream Enchiladas

No one would know you used leftovers for this recipe, making use of holiday turkey from the fridge! These enchiladas are ready in just 20 minutes. Calories: 306

Mini Pizzas

These super-easy mini pizzas will be a hit with the whole family -- they can be prepared individually using assorted toppings of each person's choosing. Serve alongside a hearty salad for a quick meal. Calories: 295

Low Calorie Fish Sandwiches

You can enjoy a fish sandwich to rival a fast food version for under 300 calories and it's ready in less than 30 minutes. The secret is that the fish is cereal-battered and baked instead of fried. Calories: 276

Chinese Chicken Stir Fry

Forget takeout and prepare a Chinese-style dish at home for a lot less calories (and cash). All you need is some chicken to add to what you probably have on hand -– frozen veggies and pantry staples like cornstarch and soy sauce. Calories: 162

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