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Low Calorie Lunch Recipes


Updated February 15, 2014

Resist the temptation to order takeout or stop by a drive-through! It's easier than you think to prepare a healthy lunch whether you're at home or you need to take it to work. Consider these About.com low calorie cooking Guide's recipes for low calorie lunches.

Mandarin Chicken Salad

This delicious salad is the diet- and budget-friendly alternative to a certain fast food restaurant's version.  The combination of the sweet oranges and freshly-prepared chicken will soon make it a favorite in your lunch menu selections.  Calories:  187

Salmon Salad

You don't even need to cook to make this decadent-sounding salad.  Using pre-cooked, pouched salmon and fresh veggies, it's ready in only 10 minutes.  It's good for sandwiches, too.  Calories:  165

Low Calorie Club Sandwich

I thought my old favorite sandwich was a thing of the past until I found this low calorie version.  It also happens to include a low cal version of my favorite condiment, honey mustard.  If you like either, I'm sure you'll enjoy this sandwich, too.  Calories: 261

Low Cal Vegetable Panini

This is a recipe that you can mix up any way you like by replacing or adding any of the vegetables used in it to make your own custom version of the sandwich.  Feta cheese gives it a very flavorful kick, too.  Calories:  230

Pulled Pork Sandwiches

if you like barbecues, you'll enjoy this pork sandwich.  My favorite part is the tasty tomato-based sauce.  This reheats well so you can warm it up at work.  Calories:  287

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