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Recovery Heart Rate


Updated February 15, 2014

pulse taking

You may measure your pulse at your wrist to assess your RHR.

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Definition: Recovery heart rate refers to the measurement of the rate of your heart beat (or pulse) following the completion of aerobic exercise. Your heart rate should be measured immediately following your workout (or cool-down period), and again a short while later, in order to assess your recovery heart rate. You can determine when your pulse has returned to a normal, pre-exercise rate by measuring your recovery heart rate.

To measure your recovery heart rate, take your pulse for 10 seconds immediately after your workout, then make a note of that number. Wait a full two minutes and take your pulse again for 10 seconds, also noting the number. Subtract the second number from the first. The resulting number is your recovery heart rate.

Also Known As: RHR

Examples: Someone with a recovery heart rate of 12 or less beats per minute may be at a greater risk for heart disease.

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