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Binge Eating


Updated February 15, 2014

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People with a binge eating problem often feel they are not in control of their eating habits.

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Definition: Binge eating is the repeated eating of larger-than-normal amounts of food at one time paired with a sense of lost control over one's eating habits.

In addition to consuming a lot of food in one eating session, binge eaters may eat more rapidly than normal, and they might not chew their food completely. Some binge eaters may also hide food around their home and eat in odd places, such as a restroom, or "in hiding" so no one is aware that they are bingeing.

Behavior therapy is often helpful for people who experience binge eating issues. Stress management techniques, journaling and planning relaxing activities as alternatives to eating are also helpful.

Speak to your doctor if you are concerned that you have a problem with binge eating.

Also Known As: bingeing

Common Misspellings: binging

Examples: Debra has issues with binge eating; she often consumes entire packages of snack foods so quickly that she cannot remember what she actually ate.

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