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Top 5 Shape Fitness Workout & Walking CDs


I am a huge fan of the Shape Fitness Music series. A lot of the CDs in the series feature dance and club hits as well oldies from the 80's and 60's. Each volume is unique and the songs are arranged for working out and cooling down.

1) Shape Fitness Music: Walk Plus 2: Hot Club Hits

This CD is great for walking outdoors or using a treadmill. The songs average about 136 to 138 beats per minutes. Many well known tracks are found on this title such as "Beautiful Life" and "Mr. Vain", both huge dance hits from the 90's.
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2) Shape Fitness Music Walk 3: High Energy Hits

This title features a lot of club and dance hits from the 90's as well as some old school tracks like "New Attitude" from Patti Labelle, a Blondie remix, and "Rock Steady". This CD effectively increases the BPM so you can progress to walk-running and then decreases it for a cool down at the end. The songs are also appropriate for jogging.
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3) Shape Fitness Music: Cardio 4 Global Dance Hits

This CD says "cardio" in the title rather than walking, but that doesn't mean it's not just right for walking or treadmill use. It's also great for jogging. The songs on here are quite a bit faster than the tunes on the "Walking" titles.
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4) Shape Fitness Music Walk 1: '60s Hits

The songs on this one are a little shorter than the other discs (some of them are truncated). You get more than 20 songs on this one -- instead of the usual 10 to 12 -- with great oldies like “California Girls" and “Backfield in Motion”. The tempo of these songs is somewhat slower than the other titles.
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5) Shape Fitness Music: 80’s Modern Rock

I'll bet a lot of your favorite songs from the 80’s are on this disc -- mine are! These songs are a bit faster than the 80’s/90’s mix CD; all are upbeat and catchy. Your workout will be a breeze listening to this one!
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