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How to Use a Pedometer


Updated February 18, 2014


Every step counts when you use a pedometer.

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Pedometers aren't just for race walkers, in fact, buying one could be the best fitness investment you ever make. A pedometer can cost as little as $5 and will be worth much more if you use it to set and meet daily step goals:

Studies have shown people who walk fewer than 5,000 steps each day are more likely to be overweight while those who take more than 9,000 steps daily are more likely to be of normal weight.

Pedometers are a great way to get and stay motivated in your walking routine. And they're really simple to use, too. Read on to learn more.


What Kind of Pedometer Should I Get?

Like a lot of other gadgets, pedometers come in different sizes, brands, and varieties. On average they cost between $12 and $30, depending on how many "bells and whistles" they have.

You can get one that is very discreet if you'd like to wear it all day long or at work. Mine is a little larger than a 50-cent piece; my friend's resembles a pager.

A simple pedometer only records the number of steps you take based on your body's movement. There is a tiny apparatus within your pedometer that moves each time you move your hip in order to take a step. The pedometer "clicks over" with every step you take.

The fancier, digital pedometer models track the distance you've walked and calories burned, but they're more expensive. A simple step counter is enough to keep me motivated and you'll probably find that to be the case, too. You can always "upgrade" later on.


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How to Use a Pedometer

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