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Easy Exercise Programs to Lose Weight


Updated September 11, 2012

Many people shy away from exercise because they think that all workouts have to be difficult and uncomfortable sweat fests. But that’s not true. Especially for people who are trying to lose weight, easy workouts are essential. No matter what fitness level you’re at, regardless of your previous workout history, learn how to incorporate easy workouts into your routine to make your weight loss program more enjoyable and more effective.

Easy Weight Loss Workouts for Beginners

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Are you new to exercise? Have you had bad experiences at the gym or in exercise classes? Have you gotten bored with exercise in the past? Have you started an exercise program only to quit in frustration? If the answer is yes to any of these questions, you need a new weight loss workout program. Learn why easy exercise sessions are the foundation of weight loss workout programs for beginners. Then get started with one of the exercise programs provided or design one of your own.

Easy Workouts to Lose Weight

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If you are currently exercising and not seeing results, this is the article for you. Do you feel like you work out hard enough without any change? Do you feel like you can’t possibly work any harder? The key to getting results might not be working harder; it might be exercising easier. Sounds strange, right? Learn why easy workouts are essential for your workout program and why people who are trying to lose weight may benefit the most from easy workouts.

2 Easy Workouts for Quick Weight Loss

Need a fast path to weight loss? Dieters often add intense exercise to their crash diets only to find themselves injured or exhausted and unable to exercise. Extreme diets don't work, but a combination of healthy habits can create real change in a shorter period of time. Use one of these plans for a week to feel better, look better and see real change.

Exercise Intensity: How to Monitor Your Workouts

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It’s important to set an intensity goal for every workout session. If your workout is designed to be an easy, low-intensity session, make sure you keep it that way by monitoring your heart rate, your rating of perceived exertion or both.

How to Start a Workout Routine If You Are Overweight

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There are some exercise programs that are particularly well suited for overweight exercisers and for those who are new to exercise. Try one of these workouts and use the tips for getting started to make your experience more enjoyable.

Exercise Intensity: How Hard Should I Exercise to Lose Weight?

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For almost all exercisers, the best weight loss workout programs combine sessions that are difficult, moderate and easy. Learn how to set up your weekly workout schedule with easy exercise, moderate intensity exercise and high intensity workouts to gain the greatest benefits from your fitness program.

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