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How to Be Your Own Personal Trainer

Set Up a Diet and Exercise Program Just Like the Pros


Updated March 06, 2013

Wouldn't it be great if you had access to the same personal training and weight loss coaching that celebrities enjoy? Who wouldn’t get lean and svelte with a team of experts on hand everyday? Well, truth is that you do have access to that expertise. It’s you.

You know your body and your lifestyle better than anyone. You know what activities you enjoy and which foods you are likely to eat. You also know which programs you’ve already tried without success. With a little bit of planning, you can put your knowledge to use and design the perfect plan for you.

Becoming your own personal trainer takes a few hours of time. But the payoff is huge. You’ll gain all of the essential skills to get your mind and body in shape and you’ll lose weight along the way. Here are five steps that will guide you through the process. Bookmark this page so you can refer back to it as you move through the steps. Or print it out and check off each box as you go.

5 Steps to Become Your Own Personal Trainer

Step One: Set A Goal

A good weight loss coach or personal trainer uses their first session to define exactly what it is their client wants to achieve. Believe it or not, this step is the most crucial component of your plan to lose weight! Grab a pen and paper and begin your journey now.
Time required: 1 hour
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Step Two: Clean Up Your Diet

Most diet plans are based on the same basic principles: portion control and counting calories. The trick is making sure that you are consistent. It's usually not the type of plan but rather lack of consistency that prevents success in the long run. Take the time to figure out your nutritional requirements and start tracking your numbers.
Time required: 90 minutes
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Step Three: Plan Your Workouts

A good personal trainer will combine both aerobic workouts and strength training workouts to help their clients get lean. Sound difficult? It’s not. Every workout doesn’t have to be hard. And the type of workout you choose matters less than the intensity and consistency of your sessions.
Time Required: 30 minutes
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Step Four: Set Aside Weekly Planning Time

A good trainer or coach will create an organized weekly program. This step is essential. Schedule one hour each week to set up your eating plan and workout routines for the week. Write out the plan including meals, snacks and workouts for the week. Post your plan in a place where you see it every day.
Time required: 1 hour/week
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Step Five: Learn Motivational Techniques

You will encounter challenges during your weight loss journey. Experts have specific methods they use to keep their clients on track. The methods aren’t hard to learn, you just have to know what they are!
Time Required: 30 minutes
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Remember that when you become your own personal trainer, you agree to treat yourself with the same care and respect that any trainer or coach would treat their client. Every plan to lose weight and get lean requires this investment. Your health and weight loss goals are worth it.

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