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How to Lose Weight with Lean Protein

Find out how much protein you need and how to get more to lose weight


Updated May 15, 2014

Do you know how much protein you eat every day? If you are trying to lose weight, build muscle or get rid of fat, you should probably know the answer. Many successful dieters are learning how to lose weight with lean protein-based diets.  And research supports the trend.  Studies have found that getting enough lean protein is essential if you want to lose weight.

So what is lean protein? Protein is a vital macronutrient that is used as a building block to create and repair muscles and other tissues in your body. Protein is found in many foods you eat, but many people get it from the meat products that they consume. Lean proteins are those protein sources that are low in fat.

Learn more about how much of the nutrient you need to lose weight and how to shop for the best sources of lean protein. Then use easy recipes to help you to eat more of this metabolism-boosting food and improve your diet at every meal.

Boost Your Metabolism with Lean Protein

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Are you getting the right amount of protein to boost your calorie burning potential? Find out why this nutrient matters if you are trying to lose weight and learn what industry leaders say about how much protein you need every day.

Protein: How Much Should I Eat to Lose Weight?

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Recent research has changed the way many people think about protein. Do you need a supplement? How much protein is enough? How much is too much? Learn what new research reveals about how protein plays a role in short term and long term weight loss.

Good Sources of Lean Protein

What are the best sources of lean protein? Check out this list. You may see some protein sources that are new to you and you may also find that foods you already eat are good sources of protein.

Enjoy a Lean Protein Breakfast

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Why not start your morning with a healthy breakfast? Use easy recipes and cooking tips to start your day with lean protein. You'll feel full and satisfied without eating too many calories.

Low Calorie Snacks with Protein

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Satisfy your cravings between meals without ruining your diet. Simple and easy lean protein snacks will do the trick. Find out what to pack, what to shop for and what to eat if you are on the run.

How to Make A Protein Packed Lunch

Prevent that late afternoon slump by eating a healthy lunch with lean protein. Find out how to prepare a mid-afternoon meal that will keep you full without making you sleepy. Use recipes and shopping lists.

Lean Protein Dinner Recipes

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If you are trying to eat lean, you might plan most of your dinners around chicken. But what about other low fat sources of protein? Learn about other protein foods and use these recipes to liven up your dinner menus during the week.

Low Calorie, High Protein Desserts

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Can you get protein from a low calorie dessert? Yep! There are quite a few tasty desserts that are both low in calories but high in the vital nutrient. Try one of these great recipes, or use one these easy tips for satisfying your sweet tooth the healthy way.

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