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Why Omega-3 Fat is Good for You and How To Include it in Your Diet


Updated February 15, 2014

You've heard about omega-3 fat in the news, but do you know why it should added to your diet and where to find it? Learn more here.

Why is Omega-3 Good?
Omega-3 is often referred to as one a healthy fat. Studies have shown that getting enough omega-3 may significantly impact our chances of developing certain health conditions. Recent research has indicated that the intake of sufficient levels of omega-3 may actually reduce the risk of developing heart disease and some types of cancer.

The American Heart Association suggests we eat fatty fish at least two times a week.

Size up Your Seafood
Here are the omega-3 values of some of the most commonly-consumed oil-rich fish (chart indicates grams of omega-3 per 100 grams):


  • Tuna (fresh or frozen) 1.6
  • Salmon 2.3
  • Anchovy 1.4
  • Sardines 2.2
  • Crab 1.2
  • Shrimp (boiled) 0.8

Salmon contains more omega-3 than any other type of fish or seafood, so it's a smart choice for a healthy diet. Don't like seafood? This type of healthy fat can also be found in flax, canola oil and walnuts. While supplements are available, the About.com Guide to nutrition explains that fish is probably the best source. But, she says people who do not like to eat fish on a regular basis can benefit from fish oil supplements.

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