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How to Incorporate More Fruits and Vegetables into Your Diet


Updated February 15, 2014

Eat Those Fruits and Veggies!

  • Have you ever wondered what a star fruit tastes like? Got a recipe for eggplant you've never braved? Try taking home a new vegetable or fruit each week ... you just might find a new favorite.
  • Make like a 'veggie' and pretend you're all vegetarians for one whole day each week. There are lots of great all-vegetable recipes on the Internet and in magazines like "Vegetarian Times".
  • Keep containers of washed and ready cherry tomatoes, radishes, baby carrots, pepper slices, and so forth near the front of your refrigerator for a handy, healthy snacking option.
  • Always add a bit of fruit to your breakfast cereal. While lots of varieties have recently begun adding fruit in the box, I'd recommend using the fresh stuff. It's just better.
  • Use fruit as a dessert instead of cakes, pies or other sugary choices. Cut up a little fruit, throw in some grapes, mix in some low-cal whipped topping and you'll have tasty fruit salad. Microwave an apple and add some cinammon and you've got a healthy alternative to apple pie.
  • It does take a while to get used to, but baby carrots and low-fat dip really can provide that 'crunchability' you like about chips along with a sandwich. They're also easily portable, so you can take them to the deli or sub shop.
  • Plenty of restaurants offer salads and veggies as sides. Always substitute fries with healthier choices. If you can't resist an appetizer, make it a salad -- research shows eating a salad helps to curb your appetite and reduce over-eating.
  • If you take the kids to fast food joints, choose the ones that offer healthier alternatives. For example, McDonald's offers apple slices in lieu of fries in Happy Meals. Wendy's, in a similar fashion, offers mandarin oranges in their kids' meals upon request.

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