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Quick Guide: Sonic Drive-In

What Are Healthy Fast Food Choices at Sonic Drive-In?


Updated February 15, 2014


You can enjoy an order of French fries at Sonic for under 200 calories.

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Sonic Drive-In is best known for burgers, fries, ice cream treats, and a particularly diet-decimating dish, the Frito pie. But fortunately, if you can avoid being tempted by the sundaes and high-fat ice cream-based beverages, you can actually find a few treats for a reasonable amount of calories, such as an order of fries or a small dish of ice cream for less than 200 calories. Here is a look at some calorie-smart choices at Sonic Drive-In.


Good Choices:

  • Junior burger - 355 calories
  • Grilled cheese toaster - 310 calories
  • Grilled chicken sandwich - 350 calories
  • Grilled chicken salad (no dressing) - 365 calories
  • Chicken strip snack - 280 calories
  • French fries, regular - 185 calories
  • Vanilla dish - 195 calories

Choices to Avoid:

  • Super Sonic #1 - 885 calories
  • The Little Cheese - 840 calories
  • Chicken club toaster - 715 calories
  • Country fried steak - 745 calories
  • Extra-long cheese Coney - 660 calories
  • Fritos chili pie - 610 calories
  • Chili cheese Tater Tots - 530 calories
  • Banana split - 425 calories
  • Coca-Cola float - 425 calories

To find out the nutritional content of many of your favorite fast food and restaurant choices, check out About.com's Calorie Count.


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