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Quick Guide: Quiznos Subs

What Are The Most Healthy Fast Food Choices at Quiznos Subs?


Updated February 15, 2014

sub sandwich

Unless you're sharing, leave the foot-long subs and choose small sandwiches with low-fat condiments instead.

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Quiznos Subs is a sandwich shop that offers a variety of fresh sandwiches and salads made to order. While there are a number of high-calorie sandwiches on offer, with a little planning you can easily stay around 300-400 calories and enjoy a hearty sandwich or salad. Here are a few ideas for healthy choices at Quiznos Subs.

Good Choices:

  • Small honey bourbon chicken sandwich - 330 calories
  • Small turkey lite sandwich - 365 calories
  • Small Tuscan chicken salad - 325 calories
  • Small veggie lite sandwich - 300 calories
  • Small Sierra smoked turkey sandwich with raspberry chipotle - 360 calories


  • Regular classic Italian sub without dressing - 728 calories
  • Large classic Italian sub with dressing - 1,201 calories
  • Large honey mustard chicken with bacon - 1,355 calories
  • Large Philly cheese steak - 721 calories
  • Traditional signature sub - 800 calories

To find out the nutritional content of many of your favorite fast food and restaurant choices, and many other foods, check out About.com's Calorie Count.

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