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McDonalds Fast Food Meals Under 500 Calories

Find healthy fast food at McDonald’s


Updated May 15, 2014

McDonalds Fast Food Meals Under 500 Calories
McDonald's Corporation
If you’re dieting, you probably know that fast food isn’t the best option for a healthy meal . But that doesn’t mean that you won’t end up in the drive-thru lane at some point. If your busy life intervenes and you go to McDonald's for a fast food meal, try one of these combinations to stay under 500 calories.

Low Calorie Meals at McDonald's - Breakfast

  • Fruit & Maple Oatmeal: 290 calories
  • Apple Slices: 15 calories
  • Coffee: 0 calories (no cream or sugar)
  • Lowfat Milk: 100 calories
    Total: 410 calories
  • Fruit and Yogurt Parfait: 150 calories
  • Iced Latte: 60 calories (medium with nonfat milk)
  • Hash Browns: 150 calories
    Total 360 calories
  • Egg McMuffin: 300 calories
  • Hash Browns: 150 calories
  • Black coffee: 0 calories
    Total: 450 calories

Low Calorie Meals at McDonald's - Lunch or Dinner

  • Milk: 100 calories (1% lowfat)
  • Grilled Chicken Caesar Salad (use lemon instead of dressing): 190 calories
  • Fruit and Walnuts: 210 calories
    Total: 500 calories
  • Premium Grilled Chicken Sandwich: 350 calories
  • Side Salad: (no dressing) 20 calories
  • Water: 0 calories
    Total: 370 calories
  • Grilled Chicken Ranch Snack Wrap: 270 calories
  • Small Fries: 230 calories
  • Water: 0 calories
    Total: 500 calories

Find Healthy Fast Food in any Drive-Thru Lane

McDonald's and a handful of other fast food restaurants will begin posting calorie counts for each of their food products. But if you are in the drive-thru lane you might not have time to grab your calculator and do the math. So, be safe and stick to sandwiches that include grilled meat or chicken to keep the calorie count low and your protein grams high. Skip the fries altogether and choose fruit instead. If you want to indulge, get a small size of French fries and choose a smaller sandwich. And your best bet for saving calories? Skip the soda! Get water and add lemon to make the water taste better.


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