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Lose Weight by Counting Calories


Updated February 15, 2014

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How Many Calories are in a Food?
locate calories on a food label

Locate calories per serving on food labels.

The next step in counting calories is to learn how to read a food label to identify the caloric content of foods and beverages, or to find the calorie count for the item with another method, such as using your computer.

The products you purchase at the store have a label on them called the Nutrition Facts label. Here you will find a great deal of information about the food's nutritional content, including total number of calories per serving. The calories are located just below the thick black line and the words "Amount per serving". It is important that you also note the serving size listing on the label, which is located at the top, just below the "Nutrition Facts" heading.

You can also use Calorie Count Plus to search for the nutritional information for many different types of foods, including restaurant foods, for free.

Additionally, food manufacturers, fast food restaurants, and other restaurant chains often provide the calorie information for their foods posted in the dining room, in a brochure, or on their Web site.

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