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Weight Watchers PointsPlus

Find out what you can expect if you decide to go on the Weight Watchers Points Plus program and see how others have done on the diet plan.

Healthy Weight Loss for Seniors

What are the best weight loss programs for seniors? Dr. Mike Moreno provides his best tips for older adults who want to lose weight and stay healthy.

Physical Barriers to Weight Loss

Are medical or physical barriers to weight loss preventing you from losing weight? Check this list of possible reasons that you might not be losing weight.

Xenical vs Alli: What's the Difference Between the Diet Medications?

Are you thinking of taking Alli or Xenical? Find out more about orlistat, including risks, benefits, costs and alternatives.

The M-Plan Diet (Review)

How does the M-Plan diet work? Can Katy Perry’s mushroom diet help you slim down with a bigger bust? Get the details.

How to Sleep Better to Lose Weight

Learn how to sleep well to lose weight. Tips from expert Chris Freytag will help you sleep better, reduce food cravings and eat less.

Juicing for Weight Loss: Does It Really Work?

Do you go to the juice bar to lose weight? Find out why I don't think juicing for weight loss is a good idea and why you should question it for yourself.

How to Set Up Your Kitchen for Weight Loss

Learn how to set up your kitchen to make weight loss easier. These 5 easy changes will boost your changes of weight loss success.

Burger King: Menu Choices with Fewer Calories

Are any Burger King menu items healthy? Use this guide to find the lowest calorie meals at Burger King.

Best Workouts to Lose Fat

Some workouts help you lose fat better than others. Use these effective workouts to burn more calories and slim down.

3 Easy Ways to Make Vegetables Taste Better

Make vegetables taste better with 3 simple techniques. You can also use these low calorie vegetable recipes at home to get everyone to eat more vegetables.

How To Change Your Diet Type To Lose Weight

You may not even know you have a diet type. But you do and it might be preventing you from losing weight.

10 Tips to Get Flat Abs

Want to get flat abs? Use my lifestyle, diet and training tips to get a flat belly and keep it for life.

How to Get Fit with Fido

Got a pet? Dolvett Quince explains how to get fit with your dog so that you and your four-legged friend stay trim and healthy.

Exercise Intensity: How Hard Should I Exercise to Lose Weight?

If you exercise to lose weight, you need to include high intensity exercise, moderate intensity exercise, low intensity exercise for best results.

Grocery Shopping Dos and Don'ts

Use these seven grocery shopping tips to buy healthy food when you go the market.

Stop Making These Common Portion Size Mistakes

If you feel fat, it is probably because you overeat these foods. Learn to stop overeating and get your portion sizes in check.

Popular Diets That Could Be Bad for You

Thinking about going on the Wheat Belly diet, the paleo diet or the military diet? These and other popular diets might be a diet disaster for you.

Dunkin Donuts Nutrition: Lower Calorie Menu Choices

Which foods on the Dunkin Donuts menu are diet-friendly? Find out more about Dunkin Donuts nutrition and which items to order.

Can Leucine Help Me Lose Weight?

Have you heard that leucine can help you lose weight? Considering a leucine supplement? Find out what the research says before you buy.

BMI vs Body Fat Percentage

Is BMI really accurate? Learn to understand body fat percentage, body mass index and other weight loss measurements. Find out which measurement is best for you.

High Intensity Interval Training

Set up your own HIIT workout (High Intensity Interval Training)using the interval training times tested by weight loss researchers and exercise physiologists.

The 3-Day Military Diet (Review)

Are you thinking about trying the Military Diet? This 3 day fast weight loss plan may come with an unexpected cost.Find out why.

How to Stay Fit on the Road

Want to know to lose weight when you travel? These easy-to-pack fitness tools and workouts help you exercise on the road.

How to Lose Weight When Training for a Marathon

Ultra Marathon Man Dean Karnazes provides tips for how to lose weight while marathon training so you get to the starting line lean and fit.

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