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Weight Loss for Seniors

Enjoy an active, healthy retirement by reaching and maintaining a healthy weight. Find out how to address some of the issues that older dieters face to slim down and feel great.

Healthy Weight Loss for Seniors
Get weight loss tips from a physician.  Learn why maintaining a healthy weight is especially important in your senior years and how to achieve that goal.

Easy Exercise Programs to Lose Weight
Get in shape, maintain heart health and burn calories with one of these easy workout programs.

Eat Fatty Fish to Stay Lean and Healthy
Do you eat enough fish each week? Find out what kind of fish you should eat and why a fish meal is especially healthy for seniors who want to lose weight.

Simple Strength Workouts for Weight Loss
Stay strong and fit as you slim down.  Do one of these simple strength workouts at home to burn extra calories and build strong muscles.

How Many Calories Do I Burn Walking?
Want to burn more calories during your walking workout?  Find out how many calories you typically burn when you walk and learn how to burn more.

Improve Your Fitness Level to Lose Weight
If you are just starting an exercise program start here.  Build your fitness level and build confidence before you tackle harder workouts.

Eat More Protein: 5 Ways to Eat More and Lose Weight
We lose muscle mass as we age.  Try to maintain your muscles by eating enough protein.  Find out how much you need and learn how to eat more.

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