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Diet Tips for Parties, Social Events

Staying social on a diet can be challenging. Learn how to navigate parties, family affairs, and social situations with your loved ones and get the support you need to stick to your weight loss plan.

7 Clever Tricks to Stay (or Get) Skinny During Party Season
Learn savvy tricks to stay skinny through the holiday party season and throughout the year.

The Best Diet to Use During Party Season
There are some eating plans that make it easier to enjoy party season and still lose weight.  Find out why I like the 80/20 diet to keep my healthy eating plan on track.


How to Enjoy Happy Hour When You're on a Diet
Use this list of the best booze for dieters to enjoy or make a cocktail that you can enjoy in moderation.

10 Things You Should Never Say to a Dieter
If you are trying to lose weight, share this list with your friends and family. Their support can make or break your program.

Should I Quit Drinking to Lose Weight?
Social drinking is a common cause of weight gain. Do you think you can lose weight if you reduce your intake? Find out what others have done to make permanent or temporary sobriety their diet strategy.

How to Get Diet Support from Family and Friends
Do you get the diet support you need to reach your goals? You're not likely to reach them without it. Learn how to ask for support and how to respond when people say things that undermine your efforts.

How to Eat Less When You Watch Television
Whether it's a Super Bowl party or just a night at home in front of tv, learn how to eat less when you watch television.

Should I Lose Weight to Save My Marriage?
Marriage can be tricky if one partner is overweight.  Find out what a well-respected clinical psychologist says about losing weight for your partner.His advice might surprise you.

How to Pack a Healthy Picnic
A picnic isn't an excuse to eat junk food. Learn what foods you can pack to have a healthy diet-friendly picnic.

How Many Calories in Wine?
Do you grab a glass of wine when you socialize? Make sure you know the calorie count of your favorite variety so you know how it works into your total calorie plan for the day.

7 Drinks That Can Ruin Your Diet
Before you head to the open bar or before you order a diet soda at lunch find out why those drinks and many others could be the difference between reaching your weight loss goals and staying on a diet forever.

5 Healthy Party Snacks
Whether it's the Super Bowl a barbecue or any get-together, use these ideas to prepare diet-friendly snacks.

Do You Use the Word "Fat" In Public?
Do you use the word "fat" to describe yourself or others? Several organizations, celebrities and news makers have weighed in on the use of the word. Find out if you should use the word "fat" in any social situation.

How Many Calories in a Margarita?
Who doesn't love a festive cocktail? Before you order a margarita, make sure you know how many calories are in your drink. Some drinks are better for your diet than others.

How to Get Fit with Fido
Your dog is your best friend and he can help you lose weight. Use these tips and workout strategies from Biggest Loser coach Dolvett Quince to work out with your pet.

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