1. Health

Healthy Eating For Kids and Teens

Help your child improve their eating and exercise habits. Find out what techniques work best for children and teens, and learn how you and your child can measure their success during the process.

How to Help Your Overweight Child Lose Weight
Help your child lose weight and build healthy habits at the same time.

Overweight Child? Solutions for Frustrated Parents
Do you have an obese or overweight child? Have you tried everything? Use these solutions to get past the typical struggles that parents face.

Use Growth Charts to Assess Your Child's Weight
Learn how to use the growth chart at your pediatrician office, or online, to track your child's weight percentile.

Bedroom TV May Increase Weight in Kids
If your child is at risk for obesity you may want to rethink the bedroom tv.

Is Your Child Overweight?
Should you be concerned about childhood obesity? Learn how to assess your child's weight and how to measure your child's BMI and use growth charts.

What You Need to Know About: Childhood Obesity
Childhood obesity is now so prevalent that it is being considered an epidemic. According to the National Institutes of Health, "The number of children who are overweight has doubled in the last two to three decades; currently one child in five is overweight."

Help Your Tween with Weight Issues
Practical advice on helping your "tween" have a healthier diet and manage her weight.

The Bad Eating Habit You Might Be Teaching Your Kids
Make sure that you don't make this diet mistake in the home - your kids might learn it.

Dieting Kids May Gain Weight
Putting your child on a diet may have an adverse effect on weight loss according to a new study.

Assess Your Child's BMI
Learn how to assess your child's Body Mass Index, also known as BMI.

5 Ways to Help Your Overweight Child
Learn five easy ways to help your child who is overweight.

10 Tips for Parents Concerned About Childhood Obesity
These 10 tips provide easy ways to begin confronting the issue of childhood obesity in your family.

Today's Tip: Simple Ways Kids can Help in the Kitchen
Your kids can help you in the kitchen in ways you may not even think of! Getting them involved in food preparation is a great way to pique their interest in healthy eating. Consider some of these ways your kids can help in the kitchen.

Obese Children & Quality of Life
Learn how being overweight affects children's quality of life.

12 Healthy Summer Snacks for Kids
Looking for a way to keep your kids snacking happy this summer? Check out these ideas for healthy summer snacks for kids.

Get Those Kids Moving!
Find out why getting your kids to be active is so important -- plus some interesting statistics on just how many of our kids are inactive.

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